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  1. I forget about it, ty, cheers @kratmel, valuable informations, Yes, only limit switches, first cutting position (start of cutting procedure) set operator manually, depending of stone boulder size and position on table. I have a similir setup, and will try with similar approach. Ty
  2. Yes, i had one project with interrupt routine already. This is new project, before start i want to check what is best setup Ty, cheers
  3. Yes, i will to use 2.5mS interrupt routine for STOP function. I saw this kind of machines that work OK with open looop systems, so I am just looking for advice from someone with more expierience what is best and easiest possible way to do it. Cheers,
  4. Hello Aus, Yes, ofc, VFD has digital input for STOP ( to this point drive recieved this signal from Counter, now should recieve it form PLC) VFD settings allow the shortest possible ramp time of 0.1 s( range from 0,1-600 s),its an old Vee Elvovert VFD. About home position, there should be no problem, I have limit switches installed. Cheers,
  5. Thank You for feedback, Its really helpful, @kratmel,I know that closed loop setup would be best and easiest solution, but like every costumer he wants to get as much as possible with lowest possible investment. This whole setup is already at machine,except PLC (there is HS counter that is bad,) and costumer wants to have all commands valves open -close , start ,stop etc... at one place so I want to use HMI PLC to hook everything on it. FAST and SLOW speed seems like a good solution, on this VFD there is not dicrete input for set point change, but it has analog input for speed control so I can use it to control speed from PLC. Other thing,i, supouse it is foolish question, but what with VFD acc.-deacc. time, can it make problem in this setup?(when PLC gets info from encoder that given distance is traveled, and sends stop command to VFD - so can this deacceleration time be problem here in order to overshoot target distance ? @TozoM8 , us i understand You have used within range block in ladder to send FAST and SLOW speed to motor depending how close is to target value. Can You give a little more detailed explanation about this two last sentences? Best regards,
  6. Hello to all, I would ask for an advice about setup for stone cutting machine project. Machine cutts big stone boulders to 2-10 cm thick plates with required precision of 0 to +1-3 mm depending of thickness. Costumer has a problem with x -axis movement (this movement defines the thickness of plates), because it is not precise enough. The setup i have conatins: -Induction motor for x-axis movement, -VFD for induction motor, -Incremental encoder for traveled distance feedback hooked to PLC. -Vision PLC . I have a few projects with only PLC or VFD setup, but first of this kind, so i would ask someone with more experience for advice how to achive precise positioning depending the given target value by operator and best setup for this project . The possible problems are inertia (the X -axis holds big hydraulic cutting motor) and also the lowest acceleration and deceleration value that i can set at VFD is 0.1sec. Supouse that I have to lower the speed of motor movement depending how close to target value it gets to achieve precise stop. What is the best possible way to do it through ladder ( PTO or simple math functions)? Any kind of help will be appreciated, Best regards,
  7. Hello, I would ask You for information about reading data from SD card on PLC HMI. Program is done, costumer demand is to have possibility to record and read a trend (with temperature and pressure data) from every machine cycle. My V700 does it well, and costumer read data from SD on one of HMI screens. Problem is with preview of trends, because first what i see is oldest recordings and ofc (depend of number of recorded cycles), we need a lot of time to find newest trends. Is there any system solution for previewing, first from the newest trends (last recorded trend) to oldest? Thank you in advance,
  8. Hello Joe, Thank you for reply, I only send them from V1210 to RC15 it is MB1000, 1002, 1010 ( linked to buttons on 1210 hmi) when i activate them i activate high speed outputs at RC15., but when target is reached RC15 does not send "info" to V1210 that they are off. You have just said that UniCAN is one-way transmitting protocol, so( i can not send same bits info in other way?)...I’m pretty new in programming especially in communication problems so probably my problem description is not the best one Best regards, Matej
  9. Hi Ausman, First of all thank you for reply, Do u think at Baud rate? If yes, i will try with slowing it down and see whats going to happen, Best regards, Matej
  10. Hello all, We would ask you for help or advice, we have some problems with communication between this two PLC-s V1210 ( moduleV200-18-E46B) and remote I/O EXF-RC15 via CAN bus. We control with 5 servo motors (Yaskawa), two of them is controlled by V1210 and other 3 by EXF-RC15. Everything keeps smooth when we control only 2 motors which are attached to V1210. Problems starts when we finish programming some of other three motors controlled by EXF-RC15 - (when we need communication between this two PLC-s’9. For example when we push on run bit for one motor (Button on V1210 display), its pushes on all other motors run bit etc. We send data about run bits from EXF-RC15 to V1210, but cant send same in other way and for that reason RC15 does not send to V1210 info when run bit is off ? At the and we solved problem with auxiliary bits through ladder logic but we really want to know what is problem. In attachment u can find both programs, i hope that you will look at it, and give us some advice... We would really appreciate any kind of help.... RC15.vlp V1210.vlp
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