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  1. Hello, I would ask You for information about reading data from SD card on PLC HMI. Program is done, costumer demand is to have possibility to record and read a trend (with temperature and pressure data) from every machine cycle. My V700 does it well, and costumer read data from SD on one of HMI screens. Problem is with preview of trends, because first what i see is oldest recordings and ofc (depend of number of recorded cycles), we need a lot of time to find newest trends. Is there any system solution for previewing, first from the newest trends (last recorded trend) t
  2. Hello Joe, Thank you for reply, I only send them from V1210 to RC15 it is MB1000, 1002, 1010 ( linked to buttons on 1210 hmi) when i activate them i activate high speed outputs at RC15., but when target is reached RC15 does not send "info" to V1210 that they are off. You have just said that UniCAN is one-way transmitting protocol, so( i can not send same bits info in other way?)...I’m pretty new in programming especially in communication problems so probably my problem description is not the best one Best regards, Matej
  3. Hi Ausman, First of all thank you for reply, Do u think at Baud rate? If yes, i will try with slowing it down and see whats going to happen, Best regards, Matej
  4. Hello all, We would ask you for help or advice, we have some problems with communication between this two PLC-s V1210 ( moduleV200-18-E46B) and remote I/O EXF-RC15 via CAN bus. We control with 5 servo motors (Yaskawa), two of them is controlled by V1210 and other 3 by EXF-RC15. Everything keeps smooth when we control only 2 motors which are attached to V1210. Problems starts when we finish programming some of other three motors controlled by EXF-RC15 - (when we need communication between this two PLC-s’9. For example when we push on run bit for one motor (Button on V1210 displa
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