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  1. Hi Ausman! That's an amazing info. Thanks a lot! Sorry for not answer Joe's question. In this case it would be access via local network. And the answer to this question is yes, as it is a basic on/off system, they want to be able to control it by remote access. Another question that I'm not sure if it's ok to ask it on this forum, sorry if it's not. But does anyone know about an Unitronics provider in Chile? In this case to buy the Ethernet card. Thanks again for your kind help! Cheers!
  2. Joe, Thanks for your answer. I'd like to access by entering the IP address of the controller into a web browser and have a full visualization of the HMI screens. Is it possible? Or by downloading an app on de PC that allow me to do the same? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello everyone! I have a v1040 PLC with EX-RC1 module. I've been asked to establish a remote access to this PLC, from a PC or a cellphone. Is this possible if the PLC doesn't have the Ethernet port? Or is there another option to make this? How can I know if it has an Ethernet card installed? Thanks in advance! Cheers!
  4. Hello! I'm updating this post! After a couple os tests on field, it's working. I still have the same warnings on compile but it works. Thanks a lot for your kind help! Cheers!
  5. Denis, Thanks for this information. As RO16 is module #6, the outputs start at O112 in the EX-RC1 and on the PLC I'm mapping to the same addresses. However, I'm gonna test it on field and see if it still work! Another thing I just see is my UniCan Send block config on the PLC. I'm not sure if I'm setting the correct parameters. This is what I have: I had the Lenght parameter set on 7 and I just changed to 16, haven't tested on field but still have the same hardware warning. Thanks for all your help!
  6. I'm trying to figure it out. I've been following the examples of communications but I can't see what could be the problem. Here are my codes, I know it take time to take a look but I would appreciate all the help! Thanks a lot! P796 - RO EX-RC1_Hospital.vlp P796 - RO PLC for EX-RC1_Hospital.vlp
  7. Thanks Ausman, I checked the calculator and it shows 72% with the 6 modules. Is there anything else that could be wrong? Thanks!
  8. Hello again! This time I'm wondering if there is a rule to add the IO modules. Is it necessary to configure the digital I/O before the analogue ones? I have this configuration: v1040 + EX-RC1 + (#0: IO-AT8) + (#1: IO-ATC8 )+ (#2: IO-ATC8) + (#3: IO-ATC8) + (#4: IO-AO6X) I need to add an IO-RO16 as module #5 but i have this warning: I'm not sure what can be wrong. If someone could give me an idea please... Thanks in advance!
  9. Hello again, I wanted to say thank you, my project worked as I wanted to. This is a really helpful forum, you are the best! Cheers!
  10. Joe, You have no idea how thankful I am. I'm gonna check it and add the third module. Thanks for the advice, like this is my first time with Unitronics I didn't want to change many things from the example. I'll keep updating my progress, thanks again!
  11. Hi Ausman, Thank you for your answer! Already checked, it's ok. It was at the end of the line, the thing is that these entries aren't wired, the client I'm working for asked me to configure an ATC8 module after the AO6 for future entries. Sorry for the question, but I didn't understand, could you explain it to me?
  12. Hello every one! I wanna say thanks in advance for your help. I'm working on a project with a v1040 OPLC with EX-RC1, 4 IO-ATC8 and 1 IO-AO6X. The problem I have is with the communication trough the modules. I can see the temperature inputs (TC tybe J) on the module 0 (the first one after the EX-RC1), but the next modules (from 1 to 4) look like they aren't communicated with de OPLC. They are connected this way: EX-RC1 -- IO-ATC8 -- IO-ATC8 -- IO-ATC8 -- IO-AO6X -- IO-ATC8. The inputs are: 24 T/C type J (modules 0 to 2); 3 analog 4-20mA (module 4) The outputs are: 3 analog
  13. Joe, thanks a lot. I've been working on my code and fixing some things, not having problems with temperatures display anymore. What I'm missing now is that I'm not how to configure the analog outputs (3 VFD). As I mention before, I have a v1040 PLC and I also have a EX-RC1 comm module. These are my codes. Any correction is welcome and thanks again! P796 - PLC for EX-RC1_Hospital.vlp P796 - EX-RC1_Hospital.vlp
  14. Thank you all so much, I'm still working on my project. I went to the site where the PLC is installed and came back with more beginner questions. Found out many mistakes and I'm trying to fix them, this is my first time with Unitronics. Thanks again! I'm definitely going to keep in touch.
  15. Good idea, thank you! I'm going to try this. I'm using a EX-A2X I/O expansion module with 6 IO-ATC8 modules, I'm not sure about the error codes, gonna do some research. Here are some real pictures of the HMI screen. Note that some of the values displays "**" or "0" or even negative values on the press sensor. I've got this pictures from field and I don't know which sensors are wired and which are not, so they asked me to try to set "0" as a default option so they can identify the non-wired inputs.
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