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  1. Hi folks, I need supporto for managing VNC server via ladder. It is not clear how the block "Change VNC Server Password" has to be used and it seems to have no effect on VNC password. Can someone provide an example program that uses this function please? In addition I think it would be nice to have a bit to enable / disable VNC server, this would improve security. We're trying to obtain this by changing VNC password when we want to disable remote connection but no luck so far. Thanks in advance.
  2. Well, consider that usually there's only one pop-up open at a time so there should be no lag since you're not going to open many windows. The only problem is during desigh phase that you have to organize pop-ups on their dedicated layer...
  3. Yes, it's clear how it works on the PLC at runtime, I was referring to the editor, how to manage all the pop-up windows since they'll be placed over other HMI elements (at least in my case) and in the Unilogic editor that would cause some trouble in case the underneath HMI elements need to be accessed for editing. I have made a quick test and placing pop-ups on a dedicated layer seems to be a nice practice, if that layer is hidded then the "regular" HMI screen is all accessible for editing. Said so, this solution is a workaround for my initial quesion, I still hope that Unilogic staff will introduce native supporto for pop-ups one day...
  4. I see, thanks. So if I need to add a pop-up window on every motor on a synoptic screen I'll have to place all the custom controls on screen and associate tags for animation/logic. In this case, to avoid an over crowded HMI screen in the Unilogic editor what's the best strategy? Place all the pop-ups on a dedicated layer as suggested by @Joe Tauser to show/hide on necessity while editing the regular HMI elements?
  5. I think it should be of minor effort for Unitronics staff to introduce the action to load a custom control on a button press. Custom control window could be loaded centered on screen press coordinates and in case moved to avoid falling outside of the HMI area. Maybe introduce a new action to close/hide the custom control window opened this way.
  6. Please be more specific, I don't understand the correct way to achieve this using custom controls. I've created a custom control, a simple window with 3 buttons, now what? I don't see any option to 'attach' this custom control window to a button, how do I make it appear on button press? Does it need to be positioned over the HMI screen and then use a bit to hide/unhide the custom control at the press of the button? If there is another way to do this please explain. Thanks.
  7. Hi all, in Unilogic there's the option to add a pop-up window on a button press, that window is customizable but only within some predefined models. I'd like to have a custom pop-up window to open for some specific tasks (example a motor control or a setpoint definition for an analog instrument), is there any hope that this will be considered by Unitronics team? On some other PLC brands there is already this functionality, an HMI screen can be defined to open as a pop-up over the current displayed one. Thanks, regards.
  8. Hi folks, with recent updates supporto for Telegram bots iteractions has been added to Unistream PLCs but it requires the use of an UCR router. Since it is not always possible to include a router in a project, will it be possible in a future release to have Telegram bot integration without requiring an UCR router? That would be really useful. Thanks, regards.
  9. Ok, managed to find the problem, here's the solution if others will encounter my difficulty: "capture image" FB only gives filename of the saved capture, to show the image in a fixed image element filename has to be completed with the folder structure in which it is contained (in this case "Media/Camera/").
  10. Hi folks, I have an USB camera connected to a B10 unistream panel, I can successfully capture images and save them to SD card using ladder camera\capture image FB. After acquisition I would like to show the image on HMI screen but I cannot find a solution. I am using a fixed image element pointing to external image from SD card and using a string variable as filename. The string variable is populated previously by "capture image" FB. What am I doing wrong? Is there an example to check for some ispiration? Thanks for support! P.S.: unistream has grown up lately and example programs start to be a bit outdated, it would be great if Unitronics team add some new examples about new functions!!
  11. Many thanks for interesting, I'll use the provided link for future requests.
  12. Thanks for signaling, honestly I did not know that. I'll use the other channel for reports then. Sure, just look here:
  13. I hope so. There's another bug that I've signaled some days ago but had no attention... and that's pretty bad too. Found a dirty fix to it but an official fix would be great. :/
  14. Hi, Is there a way to set a default zoom level for unilogic editor? It always open at 100% but to have a better view of the ladder section I need to zoom at 80% and every time I must do this by hand, not only one time but on every ladder module I have to set the zoom at the needed level.
  15. I understand that the bit refers to a touch action on the phisical screen, but isn't vnc supposed to be a way to "touch" the screen remotely? Thanks for the feature request. There is that bit and I disable all functions related to screen touched bit when vnc client connects. Honestly it's pretty annoying in my opinion, if you forgot to disable something you mess up the program even when the vnc client disconnects.
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