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  1. I am getting a "Uni-I/O Communication Error" when I power up this USP-104-B10 as shown in the picture. I have it connected to our network via ethernet and I can ping its IP as well as go online with it. So I find this message curious. In addition, when I try to email from this PLC, I get a -1 error code which is described in the help (I RTFM every once in awhile) as a "General COM Error. Please check the physical connections". I have had this email working in the past and I am using the same settings. FYI - don't use a free gmail account. Any ideas? Thanks, Norm
  2. Any way to increase the amount of memory (SD card)? How can I see how close I am other than hacking away at my program until the error goes away? I have this error in a program for a USC-B10-B1 and I have three data tables.
  3. Is the help topic "LF: Write Value to DTI column" referring to the toolbox item "Set DTI Column Value"?
  4. Can I change the font color in a region - specifically for a region name? White text on a yellow background is rough on my old eyes.
  5. What about when there is no screen as with my USC-B10-B1?
  6. Will the Unistream SQL drivers connect to MS SQL 2000 or am I just wasting my time? I can connect to MySQL 8.0 and SQLEXPRESS 14.0. (I know - just upgrade already...) Thanks, Norm
  7. I have a USP-104-B10 with the "Barcode Scanner_test" sample program loaded. I have an IDAutomation SC7USB 2D barcode scanner attached to a panel USB port. I can scan barcodes that only include digits without a problem. When alpha characters are involved, strange things start to happen. For example, this barcode "V30AE000041" is read as "v#0aE)00041", "A - Code 39" becomes "a - cODE 39" and "C - Code 93" becomes "c - cOde 93". I connected the scanner to my PC and was able to scan these barcodes correctly into a Word document.
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