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  1. Is there a way to handle versioning? Basically a way to have each time I hit save be a different "version" of the program? Usually used in case the programmer royally screws up, but to be honest, I just lost a day of work to a save getting corrupted, and the backup on the server was from a couple days ago. (I was pulled off the program for a little while, so I didn't lose DAYS of programming, but it was some important bits...) I don't see an obvious way other than manually, which would require me to retrain myself. (I use Ctrl+S a lot...)
  2. I have a customer that is absolutely adamant that chart recorders are the best thing ever made, and will not consider anything that doesn't look like one. And the one's they use, chart vertically. Trying to get them to swap to a Unitronics to get rid of the old chart recorders that break down all the time, and consume resources, but I can't figure out how to rotate the trend. JUST the trend. I don't need to rotate anything else. If I could just swap X and Y on trend that could work to. Is this not an option, or am I just missing something? Dug around the forum a bit, and didn't see any evidence of what I need being discussed before, but wanted to ask before I bothered tech support themselves.
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