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  1. HI Joe, Thank you for the support given me. Here I posted my code which i tested in RS485 serial communication. This will take little bit delay to read voltage in power supply when I changed the voltage. PSU_Edited_RS485 - Copy.ulpr
  2. Thank you. I tried with serial communication with RS232 protocol I could obtain the voltage readings and can set for power supply also. RS 485 communication also can communicate but there is a little bit delay.
  3. Hi Joe, I will try with the method used in the help tutorial. Another clarification I need from you. In Unitronics PLC for RS485 in built port has D+, D-, SG and GND only. In power supply it has TX+, TX-, RX+, RX-,SG. So I connected TX+ AND RX+ together and connected PLC side to D+. TX- and RX- together connected with D-. and SG for SG in PLC. Is this correct?
  4. Hi Joe, I was bit busy during last week. I used. My setpoint was 110.0. Now it is going to be quite stable. Thanks a lot.
  5. Hi Joe, Did you go through my program. Is there anything I have written incorrect? Was that the way COM Rx means?
  6. Hi, I would like to obtain 0.5 degrees for the temperature difference from the Setpoint. For eg. For 110 Setpoint I got 113 for overshoot as above Setpoint. and for below Setpoint I got 109.5. (below undershoot is acceptable) My PID values are Kp=1, Ki= 65000, kd =10500. I reduced the Ki and Kp values also but could not achieve. I used for PID kp=5; ki=600, kd =150 also but unable to achieve. Could you help me to solve this issue.
  7. Hi, In my program PID auto tune is not functioning. Overshoot came across when I tried it. After that I entered values manually in the PID loop.In that also little bit of overshoot could observed. May I get some help from to solve the PID issue.
  8. Hi Joe, Here I attached a program. Is that the way what do you mean regarding the COM Rx ? I tried with this program also but could not read the data. PSU_v1.ulpr
  9. Hi Joe, I tried the last bytes waiting in buffer [0-3]. In my post TEST1 program could see this. 'hanging the COM Rx block right on the power rail' could you please tell me what this is mean? ( I tried COM Rx separately having in the program but it did not work) Could you please guide me.
  10. Hi dg450 I think you mentioned the COM test with the power supply and the PC. Here I attached the picture in the manual. I test the serial communication according to the guidance in the picture. The "OK" message came. and also able to read the voltage in the hyper terminal and also can set voltage to the power supply using the communication between power supply and PC. baud rate adjusted, set LANG to GEN etc.
  11. Dear Joe, I did the communication with Hyper terminal and Termite with the PLC RS 485 terminal. when I input from the PLC messages can received to the Termite. But unable to transmit to the PLC. Could you please guide me for this. Test4.ulpr
  12. Dear Joe, Thank you for the reply. Herewith I will upload the details. I tried at first to read the address and voltage from the power supply. Z+ 60-7 power supply data sheet. Protocol details under page 86 https://uk.tdk-lambda.com/KB/Zplus-User-Manual-low-voltage-models-10V-to-100V.pdf error messages were, Some unknown characteristics like"??", "*" C01 : ( C01 is mentioned as illegal command or quarry in the data sheet ) TEST1.ulpr
  13. Hi, I am trying to interface GEN Protocol which is in the TDK Lambda Z+ Power Supply. I need to build the communication with the RS485 com port in the USP-104-B10 model. I wrote the ladder program and tried to read the address in the power supply and tried to read voltage and current. But there was error messages coming. Please anyone who could give any feedback for this...?
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