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  1. Really apreciate it cause i'm working on quite a few projects with these models right now. Best Regards!
  2. Hello, I'm facing a visual problem with the Alarm banner display on 15" HMI Panels Unistream models. It's like the text field is not resize for this models. I attach a picture. Some ideas about this?
  3. Hi engineers, I'm working with a US5-B5-RA28 PLC, i would like to known the meanings from "On board IO.IO" error codes, cause i'm facing some issues with this plc model. This PLC is running but sometimes the PLC gets On board IO.IO Status = 16 , after that all the digital outputs are freeze with their last state and the analog signals have wrong values, but the HMI go on working OK Any ideas? Thanks Cheers.
  4. Hi engineers! We can't implement this kind of contacts in the UDFB´s, so could u tell me how can i simulate type of contacts inside my UDFB?? Regards.
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