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  1. Master Joe Tauser ... I just have to thank you for your patience and especially for your help, it was what I needed, as I burned my head with it's was so simple 😅 thank you.
  2. I already tried copying from ML0 to ML1, the problem and that when I delete the ML0, the ML1 also goes out, and when I try to delete the ML1 I can not. I read something about it in a post but I did not understand the logic that was explained..
  3. Yes (x pulses = y measure) ... the program is being developed for a marble cutting machine, the operator enters a desired measurement and the machine executes the positioning. I already have a part of the program ready, which I did two years ago in vision120-22, I'm stuck because I would like to use 2 measurement references of the same axis, one of positioning the machine and another where the operator types the measurement, the problem is when I turn off MI0 I can not keep another recorder. The second question you asked is what I'm trying to get but it did not work, it's not necessa
  4. this is the final project that I intend to use but I am locked with the head coming out smoke kkkkk, until I read some posts to the reapeito but I did not understand. price very much to your aid. Lagonegro Serra Ponte 04.vlp
  5. Good evening, sorry for not replying before, my computer was broken and was in maintenance. Joe T what I would like to use and something like this program I did, but the maximum I got was that, I know there is a more practical and more accurate way. Encoder com 3 Posicionamentos.vlp
  6. Hi guys. Well I live in Brazil and I do not speak English, in case I'm using google to translate, I ask for your understanding. I'm using the CLP vision SM70-J-R20. I'm using an encoder of 800ppr, and the speed of the Z axis shift is 65.5 rpm. The machine works with two different measures of the same encoder, the first indicates the general positioning that can not be erased, the second reference that is in the manual can be changed and erased by the user, in case the user enters a measurement in the manual the machine should only move the measure you entered. thanks f
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