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  1. Thank you you for all the help, This is likely a silly question, But when i open the new .vlp from the person that writes them currently. I open it then import the tables and operands, then stop, download and reset? or do I do the download first, then the operands and tables? I have the new PLC(spare) in so im at the point of uploading to plc(download). Thanks again for helping this is a great community of people here.
  2. Thank you to everyone that has given me input. Yes this is a larger file but it needs cleaned up a lot as many features we dont use and after unitronics helped me out in it one day he pointed out the extra junk is just slowing us down. I will try as you all have said and see what happens the benefit is i believe i can copy all the tables, operands, and such then switch to our backup plc and reload if everything works and all sensors read correctly and the water meter measures right then It was a success. Do you see an issue or something im missing? Thanks again
  3. yes if i did it right its attached. Thank you Current VAC Install 10-20-2018.vlp
  4. As a newbie here can you tell me how to identify if the settings are being saved as registers? Its all new to me and im putting in a lot of time trying to learn it as fast as i can before we have another failure. Thank you everyone for your help and input.
  5. Yes it does sound like I have a lot to learn. I do have the file but what im afraid of is loosing all our offsets and misc k factors that are inside the units memory. I had to replace one of our dry rooms v570 s and it took me 2 weeks to get them back and they are nothing compared to our Vacuum Kiln and other Units we have. Is there a way to backup all the settings and o/s without a password?or sd card?
  6. Hello everyone, for 20+ years I have been into computer repair and misc electrical repair. I have started working for a company that Has many Unitronics PLCs and need to learn ladder logic and all i can on how to fix and program them. The support from Unitronics has been awesome and in my opinion I would never look elsewhere for a PLC solution. So what im hoping is if anyone has any ideas on how/where I can learn both the hardware and programming side it would be highly appreciated. My first step is to write the simple code to set the password on an sd card so I can create images of or PLC
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