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  1. Update: As there was no reply, I have contacted support..., but thanks to the Czech distributor's employee Mr. Roman M., who took my program and tested it on another PLC, where it worked. So I updated the firmware and Unilogic to the very latest version from Jan,6th and it works now!
  2. Hi there, I am trying to write my DataTable to SD card using Store DTI to file function, but always get an error. Error code -4, thus Internal Error. Contact support. So I have tried to download an official example, called Unistream_070_Indexed_Data_Table to the PLC, but it does not write the file as well, but the error code is -6 Write file error. I have tried SanDisk Ultra 16 GB and Kingston CanvasSelectPlus 16GB, both formatted to FAT I have also tried to Run UniApps, File Browser and copy some file from USB flash disk to SD card, that worked DataSampler files are written succesfully to the SD card and there is no problem So assuming the PLC recognizes the SD Card properly. Versions info: PLC bins: 1.30.51 from Oct-25-20 UniLogic version: 1.30.62 activated HW configuration: - PLC: US7-B5-B1 - UAG-CX-XKPLXXXX -UIA-00800N_0 -UID-W1616T_1 Note that the expansions cards are not physically connected to the PLC as I am developing the software on table, the plc will be included in the switchboard later Thx Jan
  3. Oh thanks, I see finally. It is quite easy when you gave me a hint. Thx Jan
  4. Hi all, I am quite familiar with Vision line, but now I am going to use Unistream, more specific US5/7-B-B1. Now, my customers have got used to some of these functions: 1. Beep on touch, everytime they touch the panel, the buzzer makes a sound, SB 311 is set 2. ScreenSaver - after several minutes of inactivity, the screen brightness is set below 30, so it switched of completely (SI 9) Is there a possibility to do the same using Unistream? I know I can set the brightness via action, but even set to 0, the displays lights a bit. Thx Jan
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