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  1. Update: As there was no reply, I have contacted support..., but thanks to the Czech distributor's employee Mr. Roman M., who took my program and tested it on another PLC, where it worked. So I updated the firmware and Unilogic to the very latest version from Jan,6th and it works now!
  2. Hi there, I am trying to write my DataTable to SD card using Store DTI to file function, but always get an error. Error code -4, thus Internal Error. Contact support. So I have tried to download an official example, called Unistream_070_Indexed_Data_Table to the PLC, but it does not write the file as well, but the error code is -6 Write file error. I have tried SanDisk Ultra 16 GB and Kingston CanvasSelectPlus 16GB, both formatted to FAT I have also tried to Run UniApps, File Browser and copy some file from USB flash disk to SD card, that worked DataSampler files
  3. Oh thanks, I see finally. It is quite easy when you gave me a hint. Thx Jan
  4. Hi all, I am quite familiar with Vision line, but now I am going to use Unistream, more specific US5/7-B-B1. Now, my customers have got used to some of these functions: 1. Beep on touch, everytime they touch the panel, the buzzer makes a sound, SB 311 is set 2. ScreenSaver - after several minutes of inactivity, the screen brightness is set below 30, so it switched of completely (SI 9) Is there a possibility to do the same using Unistream? I know I can set the brightness via action, but even set to 0, the displays lights a bit. Thx Jan
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