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  1. Gentlemen, thank you very much for your feedback. I changed # of retries to 0 and timeout to 500 ms, please see attcahed visilogic file. It works OK when both devices are online, but when I get the flowmeter off, I see the PLC scanning the VFD, but no reposnse comes from VFD. when I get the flowmeter back online, the VFD is online again. So the issue with the PLC stack on scanning offline device is fized, but at the same time the PL doesnt get data from VFD, though it is scanned. and only when the flowmeter is up, everything works ass supposed. may that be due to the VFD (Commander SK by Control Techniques)? there is parameter in the VFD called "Silent period extention" (parameter 11.26), please see attached scren shot of the manual. I dont see any other settings in the VFD other than this that can affect its reposne to the master... thanks! Updated with Timer and Retries V350 as a Master and 2 Slaves.vlp
  2. Hello, I experience issue with V350 controlling two Modbus RTU Slaves – VFD and Flowmeter, connected in the same port. The code I attach works OK when both of the devices online. The main issue is when I disconnect one of the devices from the network, and Modbus port (Function in Progress) gets stack and the PLC polls only the device that has been out of connection, while the other one – keeps unscanned. For example, when I shutdown the flowmeter (subroutine 8_FLOWMETER), I don’t get any data from VFD though it is online and OK. Please advice how to organize Modbus network to avoid the port stuck on the offline device? Is there a way to terminate communication with offline Slave? The software I use is 9.8.79 Build Beta 0, PLCs are V350 -35-TU24, VFD is Commander SK by Control Techniques, Modbus RTU via RS485 2-wire. Flowmeter is Russian SKG, manual is in Russian, so I didn’t attach it. Generally supports Modbus RTU, RS-485 2-wire
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