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  1. I have no objection to changing the name. I was pretty impressed with how the system recovered, and how you all swung in to action to get me going again. My main objective is to make sure others have an easier time getting going. Thanks again.
  2. Issue is resolved. As Dan T suggested, 1. Power off. 2. Touch screen until power cycled On for over 1 second. 3. Tap screen several times. 4. Go to Connection in Visilogics. 5. Go to Communication -PC settings and select 115200k baud (i had used 57.6k, which may have caused the problem). select Get to confirm the unit is communicating. 6. Proceed with os download as before. Just for clarify: 1. Power was never an issue. The plug was firmly attached, and I noticed the draw on my v130 dimming every time I plugged in the v570. 2. My confusion was in ex
  3. Can anyone offer me some guidance? I purchased a 570, installed my ethernet card, established serial comms, tried to download the ethernet code, and realized I needed to upgrade the firmware. The following disaster occurred: Visilogic crashed while downloading the OS to a brand new V570 at 57.6K baud. This unit is a touch-screen without keyboards. The unit will not power up. There is no beeping, It is dead. I tried power cycle and holding screen for 5 seconds and tapping twice as suggested here. It is dead. How can I revive this unit and get on with my project.
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