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  1. OK. How to organize the processing of the algorithm along the rise and fall inside UDFB? The structure in the image continues to be processed in a loop, even after setting the ON bit. I mistakenly inserted a coil instead of a contact, but even if there is a contact, the circuit repeats itself cyclically until the Alarm.Active bit is true


  2. On 5/15/2019 at 10:47 AM, Saragani said:

    You can have 5 structs with the same structure that is used in the Data table, and load 5 rows into them.

    Once the up or down arrows are clicked, change the start index of the first row, and either re-read the entire 5 rows (The memory will need to be read and written 5 times anyway, even if you copy from 1 struct to another).

    You could create a custom control that represents the row, and place it 5 times (and control the visibility  if needed if a struct is empty), and / or don't let the user scroll after the last / first row


    If you need dynamic images (and not just image by index), then the DT can store a string that will be used as a path for the image (if you use an image with indirect source).

    Those images will have to be stored on the external SD (and you will have to place them there).

    I went exactly this way, thanks!

  3. I looked at an example. You do not quite understand me. I need to move away from the standard accident log, since it does not suit the customer.
    Let's say I created a data table for crashes. Created a separate structure of the accident. (For example Alarm (bool active, int
     index, string description, time response time))
    Created an accident summary page. On the page I create binary elements of images. How do I attach a tag of a picture's status to the field of a table element. How do I dynamically create image blocks in an accident. How to tune the position of the image to the variables, to precisely position the dynamically generated elements.

  4. OK. I can create an event structure. And create a new element in the data table for the event (Or rather, I can not create a new line, just add an entry to the existing ones). The question is different. How do i visualize data table fields. Can I link them to tags of visual elements? The designer asks to make a magazine in the following form ...

    monitoring_system13 (1).jpg

  5. Hey,
    I need to create my own alarm log. I decided for each accident to create its own discrete variable. By triggering an accident to display the text in the log. With the disappearance of the text to remove. Does the development environment have a table type tool? Or how to implement this algorithm. Thank!

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