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  1. Hello, thanks for support. I tried everything and finally helped... actualization of the software. I downloaded the the latest version of Visilogic 9.8.79 and updated the PLC OS, now it works. KR, Bartosz
  2. Hello, thank you all for quick responses. After your suggestions and contact with Unitronics support I created a final version of my program. Unfortunately, there are no received messages. Messages are received only during power-up of the converter (some noise). I checked my cable - there is galvanic connection between pins and endings. I also swapped cables many times. Here is the oscillogram of the Modbus signal at drive inputs. And below oscillogram when I connect with my testing software (and it works). I know that probe's polarization is inversed. What concerns me is that the amplitude of peak-peak voltage above is 2.5V when it is 7V below. Modbus in my drive works properly as I checked it by modbus testing software on my PC (checking means sending and receiving words and operating drive remotely). BTW. Mtester - great and free software. Register which I try to read (2101 in drive, so 2100 in PLC) has value 65 - no matter as there are no received data. MI 2 status is 4 and 5 alternately. Termination is done at both ends. Do you have any other ideas? Once more - when I want to set PLC Net ID with this block, numbers from 1-63 are CANopen and from 64 RS485? Does it have meaning? In my program, PLC is 1 when drive is 2. I tried also 64 and 65 with no success. KR, Bartosz 1_Communication test.vlp
  3. Hi all, it's my first post but I guess not least as I have a project to do using my Unitronics V1210 with CANOpen and 2 ports for Modbus RTU on board. I want to establish basic communication with my VFD (Vacon 100 / now Danfoss company) by Modbus RTU. 1. I bought RJ11 six pin plug and prepare junction so I have two cables - yellow at PIN1 and red at PIN6. 2. I connected PLC (Port 1) to VFD (A,B inputs) 3. I wrote a basic program to read the register 2101 (which is not 0 for sure) and... nothing happens. No communication. What I have checked: - Ports termination (set to RS485 with termination) - Galvanic connection between pins and end of the cable and it is ok - loopback test FB - no answer - ID, Baud Rate, Parity, Stop Bits - they are the same in drive and PLC I kindly ask if someone could check my ladder diagram as I have no idea what is wrong. KR, Bartosz
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