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  1. I'm sorry I didn't write earlier. Thank you very much for this tip, I got exactly what I needed. Once again, thank you. Cheers, Petar
  2. Thank you for the reply. I'm not currently near office to try that, but... If I understand you well - when I multiply my scaling x10, in my case that will be MI11, istead of (for example) reading of 5bar, I will be getting 50bar, so when I put decimal place, it will be 5,0. In that case I didn't get anything...
  3. Hi, I have some analog inputs (temperature and pressure measurements) and I wanted to show them in decimals. Picture of one of scalling is attached. So, my MI11 is displaying as whole number, but I need it more precise (one decimal point). In my situation, when I enter that pump power off after pressure is higher than 5bar, it shuts off after 4.5bar and that makes me problems... I I tried to change how it shows in display variable format, but I can't do anything as my result of scalling is whole number, right?
  4. Hi, back to this problem. I have tried new clean install of Visilogic (as Admin), but nothing happened. Then tried Samba on other computer where I know for sure that Visilogic doesn't make problems, and I got same memory problem when I try to run online mode with this software uploaded on PLC. Though i didn't think, the problem was definitely related with PLC memory... So, your suggestion is to contact Support? Thanks again.
  5. PC memory is not problem, when running Visilogic it's used under 20% of 24gb. I didn't used installation metod "as admin", but I must admit, I have never use that metod for Visilogic before, and also never experienced that problem like now. For start, I will now unistall and install it again with Admin privileges. After that I will try empty Samba, and I will inform you about result. Thank you very much for tips! Cheers
  6. Hi, I have problems with Visilogic software, when I'm in online mode. I'm unable to do online test, because every 1-2 minutes online is interrupted with message attached in this post. After confirming with OK, Visilogic shuts down itself. This makes big problems to me because I'm unable to test my software, as it has much timers which I must to monitor. Visilogic version: 9.8.90 Build0 (also happened with previous version) PLC - Samba SM35-J-R22 NOTE: I don't know if this can make problems, but PLC is on 100% memory usage (no free space). I have tested for now on 15+
  7. Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, I still didn't managed to send list of MI. I have attached printscreen. Length of MI is 20. When I send protocol to printer, I'm not getting anything. As I said in first post, printer works fine, and I can print everything else except list of MI... Thank you, Petar EDIT: While waiting to this post be approved, I have managed to solve the problem using Stream insted of List Of text.
  8. Hi, I have sucessufully connected thermal printer (via RS232) to Samba SM35 and everything works perfect, BUT... I didn' find way how to print List Of Text. For example, like in attached picture, I have some MI lists, defined under "Link" and their length is 20. But when I try to print that, I'm getting nothing but blank paper. Numeric and binary text works fine, so I suppose that I'm missing something with List of Text. Any tips, hints will be great. Cheers, Petar
  9. Thank you all for help, I have used solution as @kratmel described and it works just as I wanted. Thank you again, cheers. Petar
  10. Hello, I'm using multiply formula and storing result into MF. I'm displaying results on display, and my problem is that result have 6 decimals, but I only need 1 or 2... For better understanding, for example, I want to number 6.543210 display as 6.54 or 6.5. By default, display settings when using MF are greyed out, and can't change decimal points (picture attached)... Any suggestions, tips? Thanks, Petar
  11. Hi, I wanted to protect some info on my HMI using Password Box, but I can't figure out how do I choose password? I tried to use Compare Strings in ladder, but I can not compare tag that I used for Password Box, because second element in Compare Strings block can not be constant value (in my case correct password, which must be constant number). Can someone give me some tips about this? Thank you in advance. Cheers!
  12. Let me try to explain my whole idea best as I can... Rung 6 - I'm writing in array values that I'm getting from analog input (value is previously linearized) and that is TalkKgIzmereno. In this case I'm getting value of 12. That value is stored in Array Talk [Array Talk_0] when I press StartTalk button. My mistake is that I didn's show on picture, that I have also button for Remove From Array block, so I can erase data from Array Talk and store again new value if I need in same array. Rung 7- I'm trying to read value from that same Array, Array Talk [Array Talk_0] and store it i
  13. Hi everyone! I need advice what is the right way to load from an array? Below is picture of my ladder, where is also shown previously stored data in the same array that I want to load from. Rung 6 - data is saved from C (TalkKgIzmereno) into B ( Array Talk[Array Talk_0] ) Rung 7 - I want to load result from B ( Array Talk[Array Talk_0] ) into C (proba) Storing in Array woks perfect, but didn't have success to load... Thanks in advance! Petar
  14. You can simply do that in Properties Window of your Data Table, under Columns widths (Colection). It is a drag and drop option. Cheers, Petar
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