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  1. Hello, Can anyone help me how it is done.
  2. Hello Ofir I have try this append buffer to sd file. But it requires a source buffer. How do i make a buffer with column data which are type STRING-ASCII
  3. I can not found a tool to make a csv file from a specific column. there is one to store the DTI but it store all DTI. i try with a DTI with one column but it do not work. Please can you make me a step to step rung how to load a specific column to dynamic combo box Thank you
  4. Hello Saragani I downloaded the new version. I am missing something with this new dynamic combo box. And the updated help file have the old information. When I write a tag to the path parameter it became red an say , parameter must be a constant value. When i put a constant value it say, parameter can not be linked to a constant value. Just to be clear, can this new dynamic combo box load DTI column values? I did not understand it well. Can you give me more details how to use this dynamic tool? Thank you
  5. Hope this tool is add in the future to unilogic. I think it is a nice tool Thank you Joe Thank you Saragani
  6. Hello I need to build an application in UniLogic like the screen shot attached. In the upper left corner i have a text box for description, and then 23 numeric box . and i have a button to write row to DTI. Then below the brown horizontal line i have a text box for entering a specific description than correspond to a specific row number. I can find the row number and then read the row from DTI. So a can modify the row and then write the new value to the same row, or i can remove row from DTI. I need that the text box below the brown line to be a drop down list so the operator
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