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  1. You could of said "Press and hold the screen till the INFO menu shows up" but instead you wanted to be a jerk and spell all that out. Nice.... Thank you and have a nice day.
  2. I have two units where the USB Com Ports are bad and are unable to download the program. Is there a way to Download via the MicroSD Card? Thanks, Angel V.
  3. How do you start Uniapps? I'm having issues updating the Firmware via the PC
  4. I did send them one. They are working on it but right now with no luck. Thought I might put it here see if anyone has ran into the issue. I'll update the Fix if and when.
  5. My HMI Start-Up screen flickers. I have it start for 5 seconds and then I use SB2 to starr my Main screen. Once I switch to my Main Screen all is well and the flickering stops. IMG_7126.mp4
  6. would have been nice to post the answer. I have same question.
  7. By setting it to x4 it will count up and down. So depending on how you wire or program it it will lets say count up to 1000 when it reaches end of the line and ans it retracts it will count down. You can then scale total counts =1050mm. Use the Linear Function for this. Math->Linearization->Linearization Net/wire length: Min(x1) =0 Max(x2)=1050mm After you zero Encoder Counts when fully retracted: Min(y1)=0 Max(y2)= (extend wire counts) X=HSC1 Y=Output. Set X to Zero to Zero Encoder
  8. I had same issues so after uninstalling it I deleted Unitronics folder/sssss and rebooted computer. Then I proceeded with installation and had to select "Modify Installation" as it would NOT give me "Install" option. I was shocked to see "Modify" worked as I had deleted all files. Good luck
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