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  1. Is it possible, other than working with visibillity's, to change the unit (thus the text after) depending on the metric system. For instance miles / hour or kilometer / hour. I prefer not to have several numeric boxes over each other. Or have one for the value and one for the unit.
  2. The datasheet of a 0402N says: Ιout>20.3mA = Overflow Value Is the analog input measuring currents above this, can this value be read in the PLC? And what is the maximum readable value? I know this range of the analog input card should not be used. But in a faulty occasion this might happen, and might damage a sensor or other components. And therefore I would like to register the max value.
  3. Hi All, We are using the URB-TCP2 for the first time. How common is it the communication watchdog is activated? Communication Timout: 6ms Watchdog 2 x 100ms = 200ms If I disable the auto restart after watchdog, there are quite often a watchdog error. I use now the newest firmware, Between the modules is an 10 meter shielded etherent cable Cat6 and two switches, Even if I connect directly a cable in between, watchdog is activated. PLC logic isn't a lot. thanks in advance!
  4. Hi All, I've posted a time ago: Now i have strange things again.. A simple compare goes bad, I compare a real with a real. But the output is visualised online as true, but it does not execute the output. Changed the lower compare value to a constanst and then it executes normal. Don't understand. Updated to the newest version of Unilogic, reallocated memory, downloaded a new empty project, Resetted plc, change tag names, change the location of the code, But only solution is to use a constant. It may be a coinsendence but i t happen after the last two latest releases, Please advice,
  5. Hello, We have some strange things going on. Normally we use the Extension Module UAGXK300 module. However now we use the UAGXKPL1500 module for the first time. But some strange things are going on. Only change is this module. Sometimes, after some period, tags are being set/reset without an event. For example some alarms trigger occasionally, and the Reset button in the screen is not being reset. The way how this is written in the software is exactly the same as previous machines, which are many. All grounds are connected to each other. Please advice,
  6. Hi, I need help to tackle a problem, Cyclic i write data into an table, this works like a charm. However at random events there is some kind of data corruption. All 4 columns are written with a large number. When i Look into the PLC the data is 100% correct. Making a SQL trace data is incomming wrong, please refer at the attachement This is just in one of the 1000 times. Changing the write interval does not help. We use CAT6 shieleded cable. Thanks in advance!
  7. Thanks for you answer, I would like to know more, I haven't seen this in for instance Omron or Siemens. Why is this happening? In general if I want to use a calculation where the output is being used and linked at the input, i cannot use this? What if we use Real on a measured value, what is max rounding error then?
  8. Hi, I've a routinewhitch add 0.1 every 100ms to variable counter(Real). And every time machine is idle it is reset to 0. When running this the counter value is not correct, it is 1.1001 9.9999 , but adding 0.1 and no other value this shouldn;t be possible. Now i add every 100ms a 1 to an integer, then convert it to real, then multiply *0,1, and this works,
  9. Thanks, I do not completely understand. I have created and tested a stored procedure in management studio, input variable is @|TableName But how to adress the variable name in Unilogic? It works but only inserts a static/constant table name, not dependent on a var. In the example it provides information on how to insert a table, and this works. But how to call/handle the [dbo].[Dymanic_Query] :TableName especcially the : TableName
  10. Hi All, I have created an stored procedure in an SQL server. I would like to create a table whith a variable name. EXEC CreateTable[:Test] It creates always a table with the same name. The name between brackets [] This Test parameter should be variable, how can I archieve this?
  11. Hi All, Is there a simple way to see Whats the maximum memory and the different types of memory, How much memory is used? I'm running out of memory, and need to optimize things..
  12. Yes if the machine is running, the pressure is registred, and written to a datatable. This varies, min of 2 minutes, max 2hours. Sample Interval is fixed at 1 second, sampling two reals. 2 x 60 x 60 = 7200 samples/hour which are 14400 samples/test. They are stored a t default location /Smples/Pressure/History Biggest file i found here is a 50kb size. I've enabled the checkboxes in the SD card management to ensure the maximum number of 32 files are not exceeded. Folders located on the SD are: AlarmLog, DT, Media, Samples, SystemLogs, Unistream_Files, UserLogs. Nope, both exactly same
  13. Thanks for your reply, The card is formatted as Fat32 Card size is 32GB. I have attached a screenshot of the SD cards properties, shown from unitronics. There is a file within the folder Unistream_Files -> File_System.tar.gz which is 507.730kB so this 507730000 Bytes. This exceeds the size listed above. But this file I think, is created by unilogic?
  14. Sometimes we have problems with SD cards. At the moment we have a machine which indicates the micro SD card is locked. In the unilogic software external storage -> is SD card locked the bit is 1 After removal and inserting it into a pc, files can be deleted. So the PC doesn't see the SD lock. But why does Unitronics say so? After formatting the sd card the problem is solved. Now we have had 3 machines in the field having this problem. This is very unwanted, and needs to be resolved. What can be the reason for this?
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