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  1. Hi NoamM, Thanks for the response. I am unable to create a new project as it needs all the MQTT bits creating also. However i have solved my Issue. For some reason if i use a INT16 type number field it works fine however if i try to use a INT32 number field it doesn't so i have just changed it to INT16 as that covers our requirement.
  2. Hi, I'm new to UniLogic however seems to be very good software. I'm in the middle of a project where we are using UniLogic & MQTT to manage a heating/cooling system. So far i have been able to send and receive messages perfectly however I'm having some difficulty in sending a negative number from MQTT broker to PLC ( MQTT client). When it receives the message it sets the value to 0. I'm able to set the number box to a negative though the "Pop up" number pad on the touch screen. Does any one have any ideas on where i may be going wrong.
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