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  1. Hi, we have a system with a simply encoder that measures a distance. We set a weight of each pulse and so we simply multiply this weight for the counter value (On Board IO.HSC-0 Counter value). The system work well but we note that when the PLC is switched off and after on the counter value restart to zero (and so our logic fails...). We can also store the counter value in a retentive global tag but at PLC startup we cant store this value in the HSC counter... What's the best way to handle it?
  2. There are two ways: 1) Do not delete CSV file at startup. In this way the operator will be see all old events directly on the HMI, The CSV file should be deleted only by a PLC command, 2) Modify the HMI object "Alarm Summary List" to manage the old Alarm log In my idea it's easier the 1) way. Thanks and Best Regards
  3. Hi NoamM, first of all thanks for reply! The problem is not when the system saves the events but more simply the fact that, regardless of how the events are saved, when the PLC restarts these are no longer in the .csv file pointed to by the HMI object that allows you to view them directly from HMI. In fact, the operator wants to see the data on the machine and it is not enough for him to export it and then see it on the PC ...
  4. Hello, using Unistream PLC (tested with or without HMI with 1.28.34 - the problem is the same) we note a strange behavior regarding Alarm History in Unistream and SD Card. During normal operation all works well (events history is correctly display using the related HMI object and data are stored in CSV file into SD Card). The problem is that It seems that after reboot, the Alarm History list is empty, so all the history is lost. We have seen that the PLC creates a CSV with the alarm history list, but after reboot also that CSV is empty (the file is there but inside there are no records). In the SD AlarmLogs subfolder, there are other CSV files with a prior timestamps (probably with lost events but these data can not be seen with any HMI object). Is there a way to make the Alarm History retained? If it erases itself after reboot, it is not useful… We don’t think it is useful having an alarm history that does not keep the list on the HMI after reboot... The customer needs to see the alarm history also after the reboot using the integrated HMI! Thanks and Best Regards Roberto Zeni
  5. Hi, I'm a newbie in UniLogic software! I see some videos on Unitronics' Youtube channel where you can see some very nice examples such as a bottling station with labeling machine, general menu bar, etc. Where can I download this sample projects? (among those included in the UniLogic software I didn't find it ...) Thanks
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