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  1. I opened a case with them, but still no reply. This is what I'm getting in the image directly below the text, when i press the favorites its not going in its giving me a run-time error '13'type mismatch. I dont know why this is happening, and I didnt find anything in regards to this error. This is my program below MODBUS.U90
  2. Hello again, Well I tried the Ethernet Configuration process, with all the tutorials, but I don't know why I'm having a hard time doing it. It's unfortunately not working for unknowing reasons. When I got to controller M90 OPLC Settings, I'm inserting everything with the TCP/IP as well as in Favorites my PLC with its IP Address and the local Port, but when I'm pressing the Get Version its either telling me a runtime error 13, or sometimes giving me an error regarding either the cable or the communication or the IP. So if you can just help me get over this barrier because it is giving me a really hard time. My gateway is, and i will be using a local port of 502 for modbus. How can this configuration be done in my case, and in the file I have below. And regarding the IP Address which I placed, when I ping it from my computer I get response, but I dont know why it is not working. MODBUS.U90
  3. Hello, I just have a small problem, and I keep on asking some simple stuff, because I'm new to Unitronics, and programming PLCs. I have a JZ20-J-UA24, and I want to read from it, and write via labview. This requires a modbus configuration. I looked at the sample modbus configuration on that unitronics supplies with U90 ladder, and some modbus forums on unitronics, but didn't clearly understand what to do next. So suppose I want to read on labview the temperature measured via a KTC connected to the PLC's analog input channel 1 displaying its value at the level of MI 19, how can I do that? And can someone explain the configuration of the PLC because I didn't get alot what's going on, or how even to read the IP of the PLC.
  4. Ok, so basically I'm building a PID controller for a tank, and I want to regulate its temperature at 40 degrees C. I used the heat/cool sample presented by Unitronics. I altered some parts in the code, and at the end through debugging I'm getting the required bits calculated by the process to be ouputed. However, it only outputs 1V during heat mode. Its working quite well during cool mode, but why isnt it outputting anything but 1V during heat mode although it is receiving the correct amount of bits. And I'm sorry I sent you a wrong file previously. Thank you alot for your help! PID APPLICATION FINAL.U90
  5. This is my program, as for the analog output, it is receiving the correct bits, but its not outputting the correct voltage in accordance to the bits. If you may check it out for me I'd really appreciate it!!! PID APPLICATION.U90
  6. Hello, I have a JZ20-J-UA24, and I want to send a voltage analog output of 5 volts. I did configured my hardware where i set a store value of 5 in my MI to send out 5 V but its is not doing so. Any ideas why?
  7. I downloaded it, and its still not working. It is basically not reading the PLC. I have it connected by means to a USB to the PC. I tried to connect by all possible ports, and still it was working. Its just the below analog inputs I want to write them on excel. Is there any easier way to do that please?
  8. Hello, I have some problems in getting out analog output from my JZ20-J-UA24. This is a PID controller, which heats, and cools a tank, and I want it to send out during the heat mode a voltage of 5V, and 0V during cooling. I did all the necessary hardware configurations, but I'm not getting any pulse out. Do you think anything is wrong with the code?
  9. I didnt get how it worked, I'm sorry i'm a bit new to u90 ladder, so can you give me a detailed help on to how to do it. I just want the values to be written in an excel spreadsheet
  10. Hello, I have a JZ20-J-UA24. I'm reading temperatures by means of a thermocouple, and I want to record those temperatures on EXCEL, is there a way to do that through U90 Ladder?
  11. Well than I need help in coding for a PID controller for a JZ20-R16. I've read alot of sources, and all the sources refer to a function block tab, which my program lacks. If I dont have the tab what are the ways to device a good PID Controller code?
  12. My u90 ladder doesnt contain the FB tab, how can I download it. Any help?
  13. I donot have modbus configuration on my u90 ladder program. However, I read on several places that it will not work out on JZ20-J-R16, because it doesnt have a built in com, or an ethernet port, so can you give me just a direct answer on whether i need to buy an add on to be able to satisfy this communication, or I could do it without them?
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