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  1. Yes, you can download examples but it is a pain in the backside to 1) close your existing project 2) open the example project 3) wait for it to be converted to the current Unilogic version. 4) copy the ladder rungs that you are interested in 5) close the example project 6) open the original project 7) paste the ladder rungs 8 ) find that you are missing some module or another that is stored in the example project 9) repeat from 1 I have lost count of the number of hours that I have wasted trying to find help files or information on other
  2. I have used the message box function to confirm/cancel a button action and this works well. I think that a useful feature would be the ability to trigger a similar looking pop-up message box to be displayed on the current HMI screen from the PLC ladder code in order to ask an operator to confirm/cancel an action or answer a yes/no question thereby setting bits for the ladder code to act on as part of the machine control process sequence.
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