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  1. Does anyone have experience with the BacNet gateway? I can't seem to establish a Modbus session from my V1210. PLC is connecting on port 502, socket 2(Client/Master) to the gateway's port 502, socket 9(Server/Slave). I've done a packet trace and found a Modbus/TCP error 'Cannot classify packet type' Attached is the tcpDump, Modbus comms config in visilogic, and gateway config file. Someone, please help!!! Thank you in advance tcpDump.pcap Modbus_BacNet.vlp Synthex BacNet Gateway Config.csv
  2. Hello, I also have an ethernet comms issue. I can enter an IP address of in info mode. My project settings are My card init parameters are However, when power is cycled on the plc the ip address defaults to Any ideas as to why this would be happening? Regards, jfinn
  3. Hello, I have a V1210 which defaults to ip address on power cycle. The project settings ip is and the ip in the card init block is I've tried downloading using serial connection to make the parameters stick, but nothing seems to work. Anyone have ideas? Regards, Justin
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