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  1. When giving a command to ENABLE POWER, ERROR E 8141 (CANopen: CAN controller is in 'bus-off' Parameter _SigLatched Bit 21 Too many error frames have been detected, CAN devices with different baud rates. Check CAN bus installation) GT-1v1.1.vlp
  2. Thank my friend.I edited my code a bit. And I managed to connect, initialize, set values (ACC, DEC), but unfortunately I could not edit the velocity (velocity) and start the engine. I am physically signaling (power enable) /And in the photo it is not clear what commands are needed to start the engine, and power enable. GT-1v1.1.vlp
  3. Hello dear colleagues. I want to connect SAMBA plc and LX32A servo driver via CANopen. I can't, I ask for help. Maybe someone faced such a problem. The code is attached. GT-1v1.0.vlp
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