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  1. Thanks Joe I did find the DTI Insert instruction. That let me buffer data while I let the real save to file instruction execute. I'm writing 3600 row files and I didn't want to chance data loss during the save. I've been on many PLC platforms During the course of my career. Got my feet wet on Texas Instruments 5TI Sequencer. You Haven't lived until you lugged an Allen Bradley 1770-TA thru an airport. Then ICOM came along and solved that. I just revealed my age. Dammit Anyway, Long story short. My predecessor for this project dropped the ball. I started 2 weeks behind. But I
  2. Thanks Joe After some experimentation I got my string manipulation to work. I am a first time user of Unitronics. I come from the Allen Bradly word. My old bag of tricks don't work well in Unistream world. I get frustrated!! I have been using the sample files. They help some. But I still find the instruction set a bit lacking on information. For instance, The documentation did not indicate that not only will the "Store DTI to File" instruction create my .csv file but also a .csv.zip file. I needed to append the date and time to end of the customers job name. I need a u
  3. I can find no information on the string function usage. This seems to be not included in the manual. I need to do string manipulation. Sifting thru all of the internet for answers is making me not happy again. Time is money. If someone out there has this information could you please post it. Thank you in advance.
  4. So I can export a data table to excel no problem. Open that excel file full and it is full of the bad format triangles. Copy and paste the data I want from another excel file onto the one I just exported, and KABOOM, no import allowed. THIS ERROR (The data table file could not be created due to incompatible data types. This is because the value " was entered into "REAL" field.) I have tried every cell, number format excel has to offer that I can think of to fix this. WHAT GIVES. Some how there is some important information that is not included in the published manual.
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