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  1. Unfortunately, I do not have one at hand :( And even if I did, I would not trust empirical tests like this, since they can succeed based on an undefined behavior.
  2. Hello, I have a vector of MIs starting at MI 250, containing at most 20 elements. It is supposed to act like a FIFO buffer. There is an array of objects moving on a conveyor. Whenever an object triggers a sensor, some integer information is stored at the first available MI in the vector (there is another variable that indicates the number of elements in the vector, not especially relevant to this question). Some time later, when the same object triggers a second sensor, the data at MI250 is to be read, processed, and the vector data is shifted to the left, effectively consuming the first element. I.e. element 1 overwrites element 0, element 2 overwrites element 1, 3 overwrites 2, and so on. Can this be achieved using a Vector: Copy block, as in the attached image? Is it safe to do, am I guaranteed that the copy operation will be executed in the order I mentioned? If this is not a valid way to do what I want to do, please tell me an alternative way.
  3. It was the Windows update! After removing the update from Tuesday, everything works. Thank you very much!
  4. Hi everyone, I am trying to download my project to my Jazz JZ20-R31 PLC from U90Ladder. When I go to Controller -> M90 OPLC Settings, I click "Get Version" and I do get the correct data. "Get Time & Date" works as well, and so do the other PLC -> PC functions it seems. But when I click "Set Time & Date" or "Reset" or other PC -> PLC functions including "Download", I get an error message saying: When I click "OK" the program closes. A colleague of mine has also installed U90Ladder following the same procedure I have, and everything went smoothly for him (we used the same PLC). This leads me to think that the problem is system-wide for me. I am using Windows 10. Thank you. Haris
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