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  1. Hi, I have a v570 that is communicating with a Wonderware Intouch SCADA computer. I want to be able to read/write MF tags to and from both devices. When I write a value of 1.23 from SCADA, the v570 reads it back as 4.066596E+29. This was tested using MF0 using value "416385 F" in Intouch. Is there a way of displaying the MF value directly?
  2. Hi Flex, I tried that but unfortunatly no luck. I can read ML's using address 428673 L in Intouch.
  3. Hi all, I know this is an old thread but I am trying to read an MF register from a v570 PLC. When I try and read MF0 from "416385 F" I do not get any response from the PLC. I am reading ML registers just fine. Some help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. The v350 would need to have a ethernet card installed and linked to a router with a static IP to access the PLC
  5. Hi all, I know in unilogic there is a way to remove unused tags but is it possible to do this in visilogic? It would be a great feature when starting a new project from an existing one.
  6. Are you using remote CanBus modules. If so, check the earthing. Make sure it is only earthed on one side. I had this issue before
  7. Hello, I'm looking to exchange data from a remotely located Vision130 to a either UniStream or v570 controller using GPRS. 2 Analogs & two digital signals. Is this possible? Would there be any examples of such a setup? Regards
  8. Hi AZ1975, Would it be possibe to send be your prog to me too? I too are having issues sending email. Thanks Martin
  9. Hello, Is it possible to put an extention cable in the SD slot? I need to access the SD slot without opening the panel door. Also, is it possible to download/View trended data/graph form the SD card using SD Card Explorer via Com Port? Thanks in advance!
  10. Thank you for that. I can now save my projects:) I was saving my projects to my dropbox folder with no problem but since I upgraded my PC it won't allow me any more.
  11. I am having an issue saving a project. Any time I go to save, it pops up error code 464 "illegal project name". What is causing this? I am not using any illegal characters! I uninstalled visilogic twice but still the same:( P.S I recently got a new PC (X64bit)
  12. Thanks very much Simon. It's always the very small things that catch you out!
  13. Hello all, I am having an issue sending an sms alarm via Com Port 1 on a V130 on a enfora1308 modem. I have done it before on a V570 and worked fine. The Modem SB80 is High & the GSM signal quality is at 16. When I press Key #9 on the Keypad it should send a test message. I have attached the config below. Could someone help me before I pull all my hair out! Regards Martin
  14. David, if you have any questions, let me know. I can help
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