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  1. To what and where do you set your MF1 1IMP ? Is this how many Impulses you get in one turn? And why do you mult f MF9 / with 240 ? -Asle
  2. Hey. I have my Shaft Encoder connected to HSC 0 , But i cant get any value from my Frequence measurment from my HSC. In Net 2 MI44 always show value 16 ? cant find out why? Is this the right way to get a Speed measurment from my HSC input? I have 24 bolt pr. round. I dont need to be wery accurate, only an close estimate of the speed , My programs counts Meter + and - , in the display. but i cant get a RPM to run at the same time. Do i need a new Sensor to only count the RPM ? -Asle TestHMI MeterTeller V4.vlp
  3. Hi and thanks for the quick response. Here I upload the program I created before knowing that it should be 2 HSC, and that it should know which way the swivel is going. the Program, it counts correct, but needs help getting it to subtract meters if it turns the other way. Joe T.: Sorry but I have no designs on the swivel. Just be told that there is always only one sensor that hits one of the 24 points at a time. HSC.vlp
  4. Hello. I need help creating a counting feature based on 2 high speed counter. The program shall count how many meters a fishing net has been pulled out. I haven't made any program yet, because I'm a little lost. I am using the Vision V350 I have a swivel with 24 counting points and 2 High Speed Counter to show the number of meters released or retracted. Diameter is 1050mm. I'm not sure how to get the program to know if wire is being pulled in or released? I think I need to use Float MF to get the most accurate meter number? Really appreciate all the help I can get.
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