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  1. Simon, I am still working through the problems, but i did forget to mention that in some cases we may have a remote unit communicating with the PLC over Modbus. Simon Thanks for you time to Assist me, I do Appreciate It. Thanks again Simon, will keep you posted.☺️ Best Regards Joe Downie
  2. Hi Simon, you are a wealth of information, you make some good points! Let me look into this a but further and I will get back to you. Best Rergards Joe
  3. Hi Simon, thanks for the info it gives me more to think about. We are trying to acheive a few different actions with the gsm modem. 1. Ability to log in to the PLC Web Server 2. Ability to send a weekly csv. file via email 3. Ability to send text msg for alarms Do you think it has this ability Cheers Joe
  4. Hi just setting up a V350 with Cinterion EHS6T GSM Modem. We have to somewhere put in an APN (Access point Name) has anyone done this before? Appreciate your assistance.
  5. Hi All, Thanks for your assistance, I am now thinking that the APN is actually possibly the PLC name. Can anyone confirm that? Best Regards Joe Downie
  6. Hi all, just trying to set up a Web Server using a Cinterion EHS6T GSM Modem. The first thing that I have to set up is the Static IP Address but to do this I need to give our GSM Service Provider an APN (access point name). I think the APN needs to be set into the GSM Modem, is this correct? If so how do you load an APN if the modem dosn't have a LAN Connection. Or is the APN a unique name that the GSM Service Providers use to point the data to using a floating IP address? I am using a Unitronics V350-J-TR20 PLC Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Best Regards
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