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  1. Hello I am trying to read inputs and outputs via modbus tcp from an other plc. i have succeed in reading iputs or outputs but how can i do that simultaniously?
  2. i am trying to read an input via modbus tcp from a vision 700 with a vision 700. I succeed in reading MIs but i cant find the right addresing for Inputs. Its confusing.. Can someone tell me the adress if I want to read input 0. There is a type: Pointer + Operand Offset + MODBUS Offset witch i can not understand. Can someone pls explain? Thank you.
  3. Hello. Noob here need some help. Is it possible to change values in timers through webserver and save that value? I can change the value but oly for one time countdown.
  4. Hi i try to connect this transmiter https://store.clarksonlab.com/HI8936C.aspx . it has the following terminal. 1. 20+ vdc 2. com 3. com 4. 4-20ma. 1and 2 is the power supply and 4-20 should go in the analog input. plc and transmiter have the same power supply. i get no signal. I can measure 4-20 ma between +20 vdc and 4-20 ma at the transmiter. samba has 37 Ω resistance analog input and this transmiter is max 500 Ω output should i use a 500 Ω resistance connected in series? thank you in advace!
  5. i always get 32767. i set the jumper as follows: jp1 A jp2 A jp3 A jp4 B jp5 A jp6 A jp7 A jp8 B jp9 B jp10 B jp11 A JP12 B i use a 2 wire current sensor 4-20 mA. i have connected the + of the sensor to the ps and the - to the analog input 5. i configured the ai5 for 4-20mA.
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