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  1. It was a wiring issue as Simon suggested. It appears everything is working now. I am registering counts on a change of state. I also was able to get the HSC to Freq function to work, so I have frequency in 0.01Hz increments to convert to RPM. I don't have the motor available at the moment to test it on that, but I counted the number of times I manually activated the switch over 1 min. and the rpm reading was reasonably close. I'm sure that improves with more time and consistent pulses. Thanks everyone for the assistance. Now I just need temperature and air volume control on a hot ai
  2. Looks like I have some things to check and try. I'll let you know what I figure out.
  3. Gentlemen, thank you for the responses. Ausman does have the situation correct. I am getting counts and the 190Hz frequency unless the sensor is close enough to a target to open. I get some lower, but incorrect frequency when the motor is running. I’m thinking the problem is that we are targeting a protrusion from the coupling with a normally closed sensor, so as I think Ausman is eluding to, there is always a signal except for the brief moment the protrusion passes. We probably need a normally open sensor or move the current sensor closer so it is open and target a negative f
  4. A colleague and I are in the process of putting together a test rig that is controlled by a Samba 7 (RA22 model). We have pretty much zero experience using PLCs, so we are putting things together in baby steps (and this might be the first of many posts). The first road block we have hit is getting the HSC to work. The rig has a motor on it that is separately controlled, but has a 0-100% pot on it and there are some people here that haven't met a knob yet that they didn't turn. We would like to have the PLC display the RPM to make the tests more repeatable. The motor has a max speed of ~18
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