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  1. Sorry, I said "digital" to make it clear I wasn't sensing a variable analog signal. They are on/off 24VAC signals from some European machinery. There are not accessible relays, rather when the machine is powered up, it sends a 24VAC signal. I need to detect when this happens so the PLC can take some coordinating action. There are PLC's with input modules that will detect 24VAC and that seems the simplest method. But I'd prefer to use a Vision PLC if possible, however I didn't see a module that would do it. But it's a good suggestion to just have the AC switch a relay that has a DC voltage g
  2. I need to configure a PLC with 8 digital 24VAC inputs and there doesn't seem to be much available. Additionally, and more common, I need at least four digital 24VDC inputs. For outputs, I need 12 relay outputs (which will switch 24VDC). We've used several Vision700's with great success in the past, but have never needed AC inputs before, but now we do. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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