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  1. Funny story, true story. It turns out that a mini usb cable has 2 different cable types. A data cable, and a power only cable. I had the latter... Bought a data cable and it connected no problem. Thank you for the help!
  2. Hello, I am struggling to understand Visilogic's MODBUS tools. Say I would like to turn a light on and off from the master PLC, while the output is attached to the slave PLC. What would be the best function block to do this? I keep using the FB #5 and I will get the bits set high, but then they will stay high. I am practicing so I can use PTO utilities to control steppers instead of lights. First, I need assistance in understanding why things like MODBUS FB (5) sets and doesn't reset. The attachments are just HMI lights telling you if you get the commands from the Master P
  3. Hello everyone, I'm a beginner to using PLC's and I'm having some trouble connecting to my PLC. I don't know if my PLC is bad, cable is bad (pretty sure its good), or my ports are messed up. I have no experience and I am using the U90 ladder program. In U90, when I go to Controller>Operating System or the 2nd way I've been going about it Controller>M90 OPLC Settings, I am just trying to establish connection to my computer to the PLC. I keep getting errors on failing to connect to the COM port. There is another post on here talking about how my PLC (JZ20-R31) has a USB mini po
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