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  1. Cara, UniLogic. I should have stated that.
  2. Would love to see the ability to select multiple HMI items and change common properties at once. I am in the middle of changing properties on dozens of of timer boxes. It would have been great to be able to change things like font size, colors, border, etc... common properties together rather than one at a time. Similar to what we can do in the HMI tab with size, alignment, etc... Maybe this could be added to the Edit tab. Just a thought! Thanks😀, Rich
  3. Absolutely! I would love to reference and even drag and drop from another Unilogic's file. This was the way I did all my programs in Proface GP-Pro, which allows 2 instances. Of course GP-Pro does not have a Library like Unilogic.
  4. This may already be possible, but I can not figure out how... Control Layer visibility via ladder to show and hide elements during operation. Example of use: Maybe I would like to stack a few layers of element groups (ex. buttons, text elements, whatever). Then depending on a selection or process needs display a different layer with the pertinent elements. For now I am staking buttons, text, etc and displaying them based on process needs via the visibility tag. Which works but it would be great to group them and change visibility together. Just a thought! Thanks😀, Rich
  5. How about... Simple table that could be formatted and dropped onto the HMI screen, then elements could be added to the cells (ex. Text, Numbers, Buttons, etc...). This would make it easier to layout an HMI page that might naturally lends to columns and rows. Format might include: Number of rows and columns Border color and size Maybe cell borders could be dragged to size Proface has a similar HMI element that I rather liked. Thanks😀, Rich
  6. I have a laundry list of suggestions here is one... Would love to see some control over the size of the Radio Buttons. I find myself using this "User Control" often, it allows me to limit the operator selection to 1 among many, but wish I could make the buttons larger for the operator. I would also like to see variables (in place of static text) in the collection list. As I would for several other list type controls (ex. List Box), but I imagine this would be more difficult. Thanks😀, Rich
  7. Uninstalled UniLogic and USB Driver, reinstalled... Same issue. Aus, I will try your method next. Thanks!
  8. OK, I installed version 1.28.26 onto another workstation (Dell M6600) and had no issues. Downloaded multiple programs, viewed online, works fine. So it must have something to do with my workstation. Conflicting drivers, corrupt drivers, conflicting programs...? I don't know. I will try to uninstall UniLogic completely, uninstall drivers and reinstall.
  9. Windows is completely up to date. Before I try the roll back, I am going to try another workstation (a Dell M6600 with W7 Pro) an see if that machine experiences the same issue.
  10. UniLogic seems to crash every time I download a program via USB. I have reinstalled UniLogic and made sure the panel (USP-070-B10) is up to date (1.28.39) with no joy. The download will usually succeed, on the panel but UniLogic freezes and needs to be shut down manually (sometimes via task manager). Then I can restart UniLogic, let it recover the latest program and go Online with the panel. Then I make some updates and start the process all over again. I am running Windows 7 Pro on a Dell M6800 which I have had little issue in the past with. I recently updated to 1.28.26 and this seems to be when the issues began. I am still not sure if they are related to the PC or the software. Its been a few months since I actively programmed in UniLogic. Is anyone else experiencing this with 1.28.26? I am considering rolling back but I fear this will affect the program and firmware. Thanks, Rich
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