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  1. I have an action that sets the screen brightness. Instead of using the new value it uses the old value. Here is the circumstance: My numeric box allows a user to type in the new value between 10 & 100. The Data Entry Complete tag is set to 1 when the user is done. The Action sees the Data Entry Complete tag is set and uses the Brightness tag (old value) then the numeric box updates the Brightness tag with the new value. Has anyone else seen this problem? I got around this by setting a half second timer instead of the Action bit. At the end of the half second timer it sets the Act
  2. Tech support helped me. When sending emails, a DNS Server must be included in the Panel Ethernet settings. Add (Google's).
  3. I have the same -1 error. I can ping an outside ip address. I have tried sending through a gmail account with the "Access for less secure apps" set and with the "From E-mail Address" field being empty. I also tried using a Custom Account with the same -1 results. Any ideas?
  4. Thanks for the reply. I am using a Unitronics Unistream. Once I have identified the sensors I can then look at what modules will work best.
  5. This is my first project and I need to monitor the temperature and humidity of a walk-in freezer. The distance is less than 50 ft. and there are no large motors so I am looking for suggestions for 0 - 10 volt output sensors. Your help is very appreciated.
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