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  1. Try contacting the support by email sending your program, they might resolve it. Good luck with it, Louis
  2. Hey @balazs.tarro-HUN Last week I had the same issue with the trends and another one sending mails. I contact the support to have some informations about it. Figured out that they didn't knew why I the sending mail status was always remaining to 0. But then they suggested me to force the update of the PLC. You can force an update going to unistream management in Unilogic and by clicking on remote update. I'm not 100% sure that it will resolve your problem, but it resolved both of mine.
  3. @@balazs.tarro-HUN I resolved it by forcing an update of the PLC firmware. I also had some problem to send mails. After the update everything got back on track. Louis.
  4. Hey Guys, Is there any news on this ? I have the same version and same kind of project with the same problem, if you found something it could help me too. Thanks in advance. Louis
  5. Crazily I resolved it by starting the cascade with a false timer of 5ms and the other ones initialise as it should. Thanks for your suggestion @Ausman
  6. Hey guys, I'm currently using a US7-B5-TR22 and I made a little washing program for some piping. The idea is to open the valve and wash the first pipe during a certain amount of time and when it's over, we start to wash the second one, until we wash all the lines and stop the system. My times are set before and so when the phase starts, it should start the timer at the preset value which is stored into the current value. Everything works well, except at the beggining of then program, the first pipes which has a timer of 00:04:32:000 always starts with a different value and the foolowing ones starts with the good value. I can't understand why it doesn't work because the logic is the same. If you need some more explanation just tell me. Thanks in advance for your help Louis
  7. If it can still help, I ask for some information to the support, this is what they answered me. The MODBUS Set Slave ID is used only when UniStream controller is the slave. In this case you can change the slave ID from the HMI. In order to use that function block, your A parameter is going to be linked to the "SlaveID" tag within the RS485 Modbus Slave struct. The B parameter will be a UINT8 Tag that holds the desired slave ID. Once finished, the B parameter and status get set to 0.
  8. @Ausman, Sorry for all the posts, the page was going to an error when I was submitting the reply so I thought they weren't even send.. Thanks for understanding. @Swervomotor, All that conditions are OK, so I guess I'll have a shot with the support Thanks a lot guys !
  9. Hey @Swervomotor thanks for your answer. Yeah in the help file they specify that the name should be without path and I also suppose extensions. So as required my filename is as simple as it can. (Having an extesnsion or a path in the name should introduce another error code I think) I don't think that this status code error comes from the filename entry...
  10. Hey guys, I'm using a US7-B5-TR22 and I'm struggling with this error that I can't resolve using the Store DTI to file element. My goal is basically to convert my DTI to a .csv file to finally populate a Combo Box. What happens is that I have always the same -8 status which is not documented so I can't know what is really wrong in my program. My E parameter is set to "0" and I tried the F parameter with "0", "1" and "2" none of them are making a change on the issue (In my case I should be using or "1" or "2"). When I use the F = "1", it creates me the .udtf files, but the .csv and .csv.zip are not created. Is aynone has an idea on what is happening or has been through the same status error ? Thanks in advance for your help. Louis
  11. @DanT will do, thanks for your help. Louis
  12. @DanT I found that the CM4 is not internally connected to the same supply network that the PLC, it's separated from the alimentation so I think the 50Hz emission comes from my scope which doesn't have a earth reference. I was thinking about pulling up the HSO-0 with the 10V of the inverter and connect the CM4 to his 0V so I have the same reference but documentation advise me to not do it if I don't misunderstand...
  13. @DanT Yes, I'm able to do it and I can see the change. It seems to be more an electrical problem as when I connect the 24VDC : the 50Hz is add to my signal..
  14. @DanT Hey, I've been checking as you said connecting a 3.3k resistor pull up to my V+ and the scope ground to CM4. Results are that the signal is powered up but I have the 50Hz frequency... I didn't put any load before the scope and I don't know yet the type of inverter that I will command. Thanks for your quick answer. Louis
  15. Hey guys, I'm currently on a project using a US7-B5-TR22, one idea is to use the PWM output to command the frequency of an inverter. I know outputs needs to be enabled as a PWM output so I made a button to activate them when I use the inverter. The thing is that I don't have the inverter here to run some tests, and I wanted to see if the signals were as I wanted them to be. I measured them with an oscilloscope to verify and I can see that the output has the correct frequency, but the signals are about 2mV and of course really noisy. I'm wandering if I'm missing something here or if it's just normal ? In the documentation it doesn't say anything about it. Any idea ? Thanks you guys. Louis
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