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  1. Hello, i'm using V700 and i have a strange bug with screen.

    So, basically, i have some Variable: Numeric parameters on the screen which i can set with keypad entry, all works fine with it and also I have some buttons on the screen like "Copy" or "Load" or "Save" with confirmation of action, after that i get pop-out message and while that message is shown i turn on SB111 (disable virtual keypad). 

    And sometimes after that action i get pop-out virtual keyboard with one of my parameter for no reason, even when virtual keypad disabled.

    Sometimes virtual keyboard pop-out even while SB111 is still TRUE, which scares me even more.

    I was trying to swap this "buggy" parameter with another, but now virtual keyboard with another parameter pops-out for no reason.

    Sometimes it happens like 3 time in a row after some other action on the screen (pressing "Load"), sometimes it might happen even with external buttons (Start, Stop, Reverse), which i do not use to disable virtual keypad and sometimes i might press buttons like 50 times and get nothing.

    I was thinking about protective film that adheres too tightly to the screen in a particular place, but not sure about it.

    Did someone encountered this bug with V700 or maybe another unitronics model?

    I will try to download video with this bug later today, can't do this now.

    Thx and sorry for bad english
    Edit: actually, i have some external button which sets SB111
    Edit 2: adding video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PLHBbHfPIqx8DdyujtVMKi35LvEBSyt2/view?usp=sharing

  2. Hello

    I want to add some visualisation to my project, so i have some questions: is that possible to make Variable: Bargraph to change its fill colour when it reaches some value?

    Or, is that possible with Variable: Meter make ranges (From-To) not as constant values, but as variables? 

    The problem is: i want to show productivity as a Meter and Temperature as a Bargraph, but my productivity is not a constant value, every time i set some productivity as a parameter i want to cut some from my possible maximum and from my possible minimum.

    Same with temperature, i have temperature as a parameter and i have some working range, so i want just to show, for example, my current temperature and working range +- 5 degrees and if my temperature out of range or close to be out of range - show it with different colour.

    Or do i need to use some extra pictures like lights to properly show it?

    Thanks and sorry for bad English

  3. Depends on what you read with a high-speed counter.

    If this is an encoder that rotates with the engine, in your program you can stop the engine at the same time and write 0 to the encoder variable, but the inertia remains and the variable of the high-speed counter changes by a certain number of units even if you set EndSub right after this event

    So, probably, if you need 0 in your counter, you need to wait some time after you stop some output, which changes your counter and only after this task store 0 in hsc variable

  4. Hello, so i tried to organize PWM on my output and put it on my digital input

    Duty cycle is always constant - 500 (my meander)

    So, with cycle time 8, i get +25 in my memory integer (50Hz)

    With cycle time 4 i get +50 in my memory integer (100Hz)
    When i change cycle time to 3 or less, i start to get errors (+50 all the time)
    With cycle time 1 I get nothing at all
    So, i guess, i'll need to buy expansion module with high-speed inputs




  5. 14 hours ago, kratmel said:

    Hi, Pavel M

    What is needed in your application:

    count  pulse or mesure frequency?

    Hello, i need to count pulses, when i get the amount of pulses i need - i take some action, reset this counter value and probably, change my target counter, but the frequency with which these pulses are given is different, i mean, 400 pulses/s is maximum and it is not always 400, most part of time this frequency would be less, so i guess, i can handle that and even if i get some error, it won't be critical.

    Thank you everyone for answers!

  6. 2 hours ago, Ausman said:

    Pavel...same as louis elsewhere, I deleted all the repeated copies of the above post that you had done. 

    You were likely thinking "Why didn't it come up?"  Well......all posts on this forum are subject to moderation.  This is mainly done by a few volunteers scattered around the globe, so sometimes it can take a few hours at least.

    cheers, Aus

    Sorry, did not see i double-posted, just had issues with posting answer, refreshed page few times, did not see my reply and decided to post it, but forum decided to post it twice :)

  7. 18 hours ago, kratmel said:

    Typical standard input response time = 10ms ===> 100Hz.

    Interrupt and immediate read used for make program read rate faster.

    But maybe standard input response do not possible to do faster with this method.

    You have two HSI (HSC) channel on board. Maybe rewire application to this input is possible. 

    Thank you for the answer

    In manual for E4XB i've read, that responce time for I0-I3 is 10mSec, but for I4-I17 is 2mSec
    Unfortunately, my inputs I0-I3 are busy with shaft encoders, i have some free inputs, so i decided not to add expansion module only for high-speed input and try to make it the way i described before

  8. Hello

    I'm using V700  with 18E3/4XB and trying to make impulse counter without using high-speed input

    The problem is, input frequency is about 400Hz. Input pulse is always meander

    So, the question is: is that possible to make it with 1.25ms interrupt + immediate read physical input? Just put positive transition contact with increment of some integer

    I was thinking, that with 400hz/s i have circle time 2.5ms, with duty cycle 50% i react on every impulse.

    So, frequency 400Hz is my maximum without errors

    Is that possible to create and organize or am i missing something?

  9. Hello, i'm trying to communicate old JZ10-11-T40 with my PC, but can't do it properly.

    What did i do:

    1. Installed driver USB-to-serial

    2. Installed USB driver from U90 ladder

    3. Turned ON PLC

    4. Got connection from PLC to PC through this chain

    MJ-20PRG > MJ20-CB200 > MJ10-22-CS10 > USB-to-serial adapter

    When i'm trying to get PLC version - i get nothing


    This error appears all the time, but the interesting thing is next:

    When i try to get version - it is trying to synchronize COM ports and then this error above appears

    When i press Stop - i see PLC in stop mode, but then this error appears anyway

    When i press Run - i see PLC goes from stop to run mode, but this error appears anyway

    I was trying this on windows XP, windows 7 and windows 10 and got the same results

    U90 ladder version is the latest - 6.6.45 [DB 109]

    Any suggestions about that? I think it sends some commands, but can't receive any data, so is that a problem with MJ20-CB200 cable?

    Also i have JZ10-11-R10, switched hardware configuration correctly and get same results as JZ10-11-T40


    02.03.20 09:03:42.32    : < 3,9600,E,7,1> 3, 9600, 7, Even, 1, 3, 1000 > Retransmitting
    02.03.20 09:03:43.32 < 3,9600,E,7,1>  > Switching Com Port
    02.03.20 09:03:43.32 < 3,9600,E,7,1>  > Synchronizing Com Ports


    02.03.20 09:04:10.32    : < 3,19200,E,7,1> 3, 19200, 7, Even, 1, 3, 1000 > Retransmitting
    02.03.20 09:04:11.32 < 3,19200,E,7,1>  > Switching Com Port
    02.03.20 09:04:11.32 < 3,19200,E,7,1>  > Synchronizing Com Ports
    02.03.20 09:04:12.32 < 3,9600,E,7,1>  > Retrieving OPLC Default Settings


    This is information from log file, was also trying to change default settings

  10. Hello, there were a lot of topics here on this forum about PID regulation, but i still got some questions about PID:

    - i've connected PT100, which i can regulate manually, when i run autotune i have some parameters been written in vector in like 1 second, but then they all overwritten by 0, i do not get "autotune done" bit into 1, my autotune does not turn off and it does nothing when i try to change PV and i do not get any P, I and D parameters; so, do i need like fully completed loop with my actual heater and output CV (PWM) which will control my heater? or there any other way i can test if it works properly?

    Running PID server shows me, that i am changing PV and getting higher than SP gives me CV low limit, getting lower than SP gives me CV high limit, but also the problem is that sometimes it changes too fast and it can't read value so it gives 32767 and auto-tune goes wrong.

    I'm using v700 with 18E4XB snap, with the simplest ladder logic from .help file, i guess it might work like i need, just want to be sure

    If you need - i'll post some screenshots of my PID, but they are not really differ from .help file or examples

    edit: also, i've got one more question about PID - can i run couple autotunes at once?


  11. Hello everyone

    I have a question about temperature of plc. I am using V700 and in tech spec i see the working temperature 0 - 50 degrees of celsium and i can check it by turning on SB14 and the value will be shown in SI14. So here is the question - does it have build-in protection from overheat or undercooling or do i have to organize it by myself? Did not find the answer here, so decided to start new topic. I don't think that i need it for my current system, but still getting some extra information about it might be viable.

    Sorry for bad english, it is not my native language

  12. On 12/7/2019 at 9:43 AM, Joe Tauser said:

    This is exactly what I had to do with Visilogic in an application that had multiple users with a couple of different access levels.  As you've figured out, it wasn't the easiest thing in the world. 

    UniStream addresses this with User Access Control that has 16 levels, 16 groups and 128 users.  If this is really important to your project you may need to switch platforms.  If you haven't already downloaded UniLogic I'd recommend doing so and having a look.

    Joe T.

    Thanks for reply. I was not involved in choosing platform, my directors were, but V700 seems fine to handle our task.

    Probably in future they'll make a decision to change to UniStream. I haven't download UniLogic yet, because i'm not familiar with ladder logic at all and haven't got almost any experience in it, but i'll probably download it later and check this program product also just for myself.

    Pavel M. 

  13. Hello everyone, i found some similar topics about passwords but they did not help me, so i decided to start this one.

    What i'm trying to do is make multiple access levels. So i need 17 passwords, first i was trying to make legal entries as vector of DW operands, but it seems that it works only for one operand which sits in DW20. Here is screenshot.


    (Yes, i linked MB13 to legal entry, not on this screenshot, but in project)

    After that i was trying to link it to data table, but it did not work  for me



    In data tables there are no IDs, just passwords, so there is only one column.

    So, basically, my goal is to press on Variable: Password button, enter some numbers and i was trying to get 2 results:

    1. It will find it in data table, get the row number and i will compare it with one of my constants to get the proper access level or other option, or

    2. Input password will compare the vector of password DW20-DW36 with some DW20/21/22... to get proper access level or other option.

    Sorry, that is my first project and i think that is kinda similar question, but still got some trouble with it.

    If you need, i can link my project, but the problem is that it's all in russian language, so you probably won't understand anything in it and also i'm almost non-stop changing some stuff trying to figure out passwords logic.

    And sorry for bad english, it's not my native language.

    Thank for help



    Well, somehow i made it work with Variable: Numeric, loading some numeric value, comparing it with data table value, getting row number and then comparing it with some constant 

    But anyway, for my future projects - is that possible to make similar thing with Variable: Password?


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