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  1. Hello everyone, I'm having a problem with Vision V1040, Details are given below. 0 S. (Stop Mode - Fatal Error) Enum: Ox00000801 IP: Ox00348C18 00365C2C Ldr: Ox0000001C Desc: Undefined Opcode whenever our client is running motor, mostly this error is coming out, sometime PLC + HMI is running normally but mostly it ended up with this error, I think this error might be caused by noise of VFD, 0-10V signal to VFD is supplied by V200-18-E6B Snap In I/O module. so I want a solution for this, I can use signal isolator for 0-10V supplied from PLC to VFD to isolate the signal. but I wanna know if their is any solution can be done without using external components or devices.
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