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  1. Hello. I need to save trend on SD card, and logic I'm using is basically a copy from an example project. But it works in a weird way: -when I load screen with my graph, not all elements of the graph are loaded, and "Trend load error" bit is ON -when I press button to jump to another segment (SB117) - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. When it does, all element of the graph are loaded and "Trend load error" bit goes OFF. All subsequent presses work in the same way: it either activates error bit and stays on the same graph segment, or bit goes off and next segment
  2. As I understand, there is no notifications or something like that in RemoteOperator app. So, if lets say, I want to notify personnel about machine fault via their smartphone, I can only do this by sending e-mail (if I use Ethernet network) or sms/calling (if I use GPRS)?
  3. Hello. I'm doing my first plc project. I have a task to communicate with controler via smartphone using RemoteOperator app with variety of connection options. So, from my understanding, I can do it using GSM(or 3/4g?) modem via rs-232 port on my plc, or using additional ethernet card and connecting to LAN with access to internet. In both cases I need to have static IP for PLC. With modem I can buy this service, and with LAN I should somehow assign static IP to my PLC. Do I understand it correctly? (PLC model in question is V350-35-TU24)
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