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  1. Hi Flex727, Thanks for the reply. That is a real shame. Would you be interested in taking on this project using visilogic and the current Unitronics v350 PLC? Kind regards Dave
  2. Hi Flex727, Thank you for your reply. No unfortunately not, i was not even given an instruction manual when purchased. The model is unitronics v350. I understand the programmer may have secured this with a password? correct me if I'm wrong, complete novice and have no programming experience. Thanks Dave
  3. Hello everyone, My name is Dave Wilson, I own a small phone case company based in the UK. I have recently just invested into a new Sublimation machine that requires heat and vacuum pressure in order to create a personalise effect to one of our case types. I have purchased this machine and with no help from the supplier, struggled setting up and figuring out how to work the thing. All I do know is the machine is not heating up enough to complete the transfer process. To cut a long story short, I've been looking into this and realised it was programmed with a unitronics PLC.
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