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  1. Thank you Joe! I am new to the protocol and implantation so my terminology is off when I made the post above. I got off the phone with a Siemens Technician and sort of tried to convey the issue to the best of my understanding. I think "echo" means to write from the PLC to the VFD I would like to read speed of the VFD and read the status of the motor (whether it is on/off). I would like to write to the VFD to ramp the speed of the motor to a certain value when the program begins and hold the speed constant Just something simple to demonstrate motion and tha
  2. Hi, I'm new to the RS485 communication protocol. I am trying to communicate with a Siemens SINAMICS V20 VFD with the Unitronics Unistream PLC ( USP-070-B10) The VFD leads to a 3 phase motor I set up the baud rate to 9600, data bit to 8, parity list to none, and stop bit to 1 In addition I set up a remote slave in COM1 of Masters drop down, in MODBUS In the slave configuration I made a coil named "motor" that writes to address 40 every 100 ms I spoke with a Siemens Technician about the driver settings, and could not find a setting to "ECHO" bits to the driver
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