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  1. HI aus I'm still having problems you can check my program and I hope you can help me if I have errors mabesapruebas.vlp
  2. Hello ausman if I make changes in my linearization of more range or lower range and check with a multimeter the analog output of the plc if it reflects changes in VD voltage. I still don't verify on the drive. I will check your suggestion anyway and tell you how it went. thanks Aus
  3. Hi I need help I have a unitronics v350 and I need to control a 1500rpm motor with a 20: 1 reducer. I need to control the revolutions with respect to time and number of turns that are needed to work, the engine is controlled with an ABB drive. Example 15seconds 5 turns, I make a division 60/15 the result multiplied by the number of turns and multiply it by 20 giving 400 by the ratio of reducing motorbike. linearized with respect to the analog output according to data for 0-10v in 12 bits is 0-4095 and for the analog input 0-10v in 14 bits 0-16383. My linearization is as follows: x1 = 0, y1 = 0, x2 = 1500, y2 = 4095, X (the result of my operation example the 400) and Y my analog output. I activate the drive and it gives me 16 turns, it doesn't give me the 5 turns that I ask for. Help. My analog plc output is connected to the analog input of the drive.
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