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  1. Three questions related to tables in DataXport. If I have the V570 in a testing device which has programs for each product I'm testing, and each of those programs saves a separate results table (Samples_P01, Samples_P02, Samples_P03, etc.): 1) If I download a table from the PLC using DataXport, is there a way to flag it as having been received? I don't want to download the same data again until all the results in the table have been updated with new results. 2) How can I switch to another table (which is another product's results) without stopping, editing the site, selecting t
  2. In UniDDE, if you right click on your open project or use the menu buttons, you can copy the Read Command, Stop PLC Macro, Run PLC Macro, and Run/Stop Toggle macro. If I have the read command in an Excel worksheet, it tries to start UniDDE.exe but fails. Instead, I had to clear the field until the workbook is open then add the read command =UniDDE|Items!'lblDDE(1)' to the cell afterwards. My second issue (the first being that I can't seem to get the UniDDE read command to automatically load the software) is that the PLC is not in Run mode. Therefore, I try to use the code that UniDDE
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