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  1. Hi, I sent it. No, USB connection doesnt work with PLC
  2. Hello, can anyone advise me what to do with this? I installed new software, but the screen remained in this mode, it will turn off after a while. Thank you
  3. Hello, I would like to ask.... used someone unitronics PLC for smart home? if so, what is your experience? Thank you
  4. hello, I still have a problem not receiving messages, what could be wrong? Sends well but does not receive
  5. I changed it and it works. I thought everything had to have the same ports, I tried a lot of things ... and in the end it's this Thank you very much
  6. Good day, I have a problem that it does not want to send or receive any data via RS232. Can anyone advise me on what the problem may be? Subroutine: "bateria" Thank you dez. kufrik v1.12 bez expanznej.vlp
  7. Hello, is it definitely a type of SQL database - SQL Server? You try to change the SQL type to MYSQL and specify a port. Also check IP, name, password ...
  8. Hello, I'm having trouble setting time and date using function "set plc time and date" from network. The time and date are read from the network but not written to the PLC. version: unilogic: 1.28.34 panel: 1.28.58 I used the example: "UniStream_070_RFC_1305_UDFB._419_bck.ulpr". Thank you
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