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  1. The distance I believe is within the 1000 meter limit of the EX-RC1. The project distance is unknown at the moment though. In the case that it is over would I use another EX-RC1 to boost the signal to the PLC?
  2. Hello, I have a project connecting some new I/O to a vision 350 through an EX-RC1. The Vision 350 will then transfer some of the data to a Vision 1040 PLC. In the project it will be a EX-RC1 -> IO-AI4-AO2 ->IO-DI16 on one den rail in a panel. I believe all I need is some devicenet cables to connect the EX-RC1 -> Vision350 PLC -> Vision1040 to communicate through CANbus. Would there be any other hardware or items required besides power wires and the programming cable for the 1040 and 350?
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