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  1. dear I went through the same problem. In my case it was the interconnection cable between the EX-A2X module and the V1210. Before replacing the cable, I had to connect the RG pin (13) on the D16A3 card to the 0V pin on the 24V supply. I also recommend installing the analog inputs and outputs module at the end of the rack. Install the D16A3 modules right after the EX-A2X
  2. dear the failure occurs during program execution. It does not always occur at the same point, it occurs at random times. I already released the connectors of the D16A3 module and replaced the relays, even so the failure occurred. Replaces the interconnection cable between the V1210 and the EX-A2X module and apparently the failure is no longer occurring
  3. dear Joe T I believe you killed the charade. I did the installation of the original cable provisionally yesterday and today there was no error. I will monitor the operation next week. But I already tell you that the failure was occurring every day at least twice.
  4. dear follows the before and after image. after adding the DA16A3 card I did all the address correction in the project (software)
  5. dear if the fault was NPN or PNP wiring, I believe it would have occurred previously on the IO-DI16 card. As for the analog input I kept the IO-AI8 card after it includes the D16A3 card for issues related to AI8 and 14 bit resolution
  6. dear already replaces the source for a 10A and the failure occurred anyway
  7. dear yes, even before I had installed the D16A3 card at the penultimate point, as the failure occurred I changed the project and installed it right after the EX-A2X and even then the failure occurred again
  8. dear I will try to do this test with the original cable that came with the EX-A2X and return on the result
  9. hello dear The interconnection cable I created based on the original
  10. Hello dear This project ran for two years without fail, the failure only occurred when the customer requested an expansion and we chose to install the IO-D16A3-RO16 card, when I take this card out and return with the old project the failure no longer occurs
  11. Hello the project was set up as follows: EX-A2X + 2xIO-DI16 + 2xIO-RO16 + IO-D16A3-RO16 + IO-AI8 I then modified and installed the IO-D16A3-RO16 right after the EX-A2X. What confused me the most is that the project only started to show this flaw after installing the IO-D16A3-RO16 card
  12. Hello, I have an application with V1210 + EX-A2X expansion adapter + 2x IO-DI16 + 2x IO-RO16 + IO-D16A3-RO16 + IO-AI8 that is failing "Stop reasons: Expansion Error", I am unable to correct the failure, this project initially did not include the IO-D16A3-RO16 adapter, after installing this adapter that the failure started to occur, the project also has 96 interface relays, the 220Vac to 24Vdc converter with 5A current
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