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  1. Roger, i went to PLC site and tested myself, awesome features, but like the Sr Dierkens said, isn't very safe indeed. Again, Thank you all!
  2. That is a good advice, but it is possible to connect using that method that I wrote above?
  3. Hi!, I was reading some topics at this forum and i saw something about a way to connect an unitronic PLC to internet and have remote access using the current IP address of the modem and the port configured at the PLC? Does that proceed? IF it does, the port configuration is set on the Web Server Menu (like below)? Thanks all for any answer
  4. Interesting, will play with those properties when i get to the site. Thanks a lot for the help! You guys made my life much easier on this process. Ricardo
  5. Thanks for answering! So, can i put something on the ladder code, while watching it on the run, so i can see the elapsed time? Like something to see the "current" property? Or i can only put that property on the HMI?
  6. Hi I got a contract to install a unitronic PLC recently and i'm loving this hardware, very easy in so many ways, but i got a question that i couldn't find the anwser on older topics. Since i'm not at the site of the installed PLC, i can't really test the ladder code, so i'm trying to get everything ready to save time there. One thing that i couldn't find is, there is a way to see the timers countdown when the code are running with the PLC? Last time that i was there, i could just see when the timer activate, but couldn't find where i could look it's countdown. Thanks all and sorry for the english, is not my main language.
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