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  1. Thanks for the quick response Kratmel, I finally figured it out. I have been doing most of this work at my desktop, but the debugging was machine side. Of course, the pop-up window for configuring the analog was showing up somewhere off of my laptop screen🤬 So after about 2 days of scratching my head, I went back to my desk and when I tried to configure the inputs, the pop-up was on my main screen
  2. I have a V700 with an EX-D16A3R08 expansion module. When I initially set this up, I selected the PLC, the expansion module, and that was it. I assigned inputs and outputs in the VisiLogic software and the digital inputs and relay outputs work as expected. However, when I got around to using the Analog inputs, I was getting no value. I realized I didn't configure them in the Hardware configuration and went to that tab. When I click on the EX module, I can see the 3 analog inputs, but when I click on the 4-20 drop down, it basically freezes. It doesn't allow me to select filt
  3. Flex, this did it. I liked the images better as transparent, but they wouldn't refresh properly. As soon as I unchecked the transparency, they started updating as you would expect. Thanks...
  4. I am using a Samba43 and am trying to use the square LED indicators instead of the round ones to sharpen up the low resolution images. When I use the round indicator located at : Unipics, Large, Lights & Lamps as a binary image, it works just as expected. On state and off state operate fine. When I use the square indicator located at: EMF, Leds, Uni_leds_rec as the binary image, it starts in the off state as expected and changes to the on state with an input, but remains in the on state after the input goes low. If I leave this screen and come back to it, the proper off st
  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was going down the path of a 0 for the off condition so my indicators were already set up perfectly, but was getting hung up on the different "stores" and how to time things. I was not aware of the reset numeric bit and using the inverted state of SB3 works perfectly. Its blinking just like it's supposed to!!!!
  6. I am working on an application where I would like to show 4 indicator lights on the screen and use them to direct the operator through the process. I know how to use my MB along with SB3 to toggle another MB for on/off control , but this does not address the change in color. I also did the List of Images:Pointer and this works good for the color change, but only with the indicator always on. Is there any way to use the pointer and store direct functions for color/image, but still incorporate the SB3 when I want it to blink? Thank you, Dale
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