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  1. Hi, I am wondering how to set up a TCP/IP communication with another PLC that isnt a unitronics PLC(Omron PLC) I am using a V700 with an v200-18-e3/4xb. I have not managed to establish a communitcation to the Visilogic part, But the omron part is working just fine and i can communicate to it with my PC, but when i try the same to my Unitronics PLC i get no connection. Hoping someone can assist me here, I have uploaded my project to this thread. TCP_IP.vlp
  2. I will try that, but now i have another problem. My slave PLC has status 2(Reply error) and i havent found out a way to fix it yet. Thanks! Aditionally it keeps connecting and reconnecting. And sometimes it displays status 7 wich i found out to be a data sync error.
  3. I tried, and it worked! But now my force coils are not working anymore, ive tried rearranging them in my program. But either the RHR FB works or the Force coil FB works. They dont seem to work together. Ive also tried adding subroutines but it still doesnt work. Hopefully you can help me.
  4. I tried using the FB you told me about and i was wondering if i want to read the Slave MI10, would this be the way of doing it? Thanks for the answers!
  5. Hi, thanks for the answer. The Read coil function block is just another part of my assignment. I will try the Read holding registers FB. 😃
  6. Hi, I have a connection to the slave PLC as the other parts of my program do work. My main problem is that i cant find a way to read the Save's MI. Ive tried using the FB's but i cant seem to make it work. Thanks for the respnse!
  7. Hello, I have a school project where i was tasked to read an MI from a Slave PLC as a Master PLC. I've tried using the help fuction, but i havent seemed to make it work. Thanks in advance
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