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  1. The actuators are indeed quadrature feedback You've reinforced my thinking the UID-0808THS module is the one I purchased a few of the opto isolator converters from the link below, initial bench testing is promising Just need to work out how to write the subroutine now - every day's a school day! https://www.amazon.com/Converter-Optocoupler-Isolator-Maluokasa-DST-1R4P-N/dp/B07NNLYWCB Thanks for your help again Joe
  2. I'm using a USP 10.4, and i'd like to add a module to control the position of linear actuators The Hall sensors in the actuators are 0-5V, and the count frequency will be high, as there are dozens of pulses per millimetre of travel Any thoughts on which module to use?
  3. Overcame the problem by removing the SD card and downloading the files directly to it on my laptop
  4. I am trying to replace a PDF file with an edited update of the same document but, no matter what I try, a message window appears with "cannot load project to controller due to unknown error" I have even tried a PDF file totally blank, other than the word "test", no joy Strangely, I can replace the file with another that has already been downloaded I'm mystified!
  5. It's a bit sparse, I find I learn so much more from the tutorials and webinars
  6. Does anyone know of a Unilogic CAN sniffer tutorial? If not, is there a possibility Unitronics could do one?
  7. I can connect to my panel on my laptop, no problem (using TightVNC), but not having any success with Android Apps 9two different apps on two different devices) Returns a connection timed out each time Any thoughts?
  8. Bloody missed it😡 Is there somewhere i can get it?
  9. Spot on Joe! Cheers, and stay safe
  10. Thanks for this Joe, I can set an alarm as such, but when the alarm "goes off", I want to be able to reset it as you would an alarm clock. I.e. Alarm acknowledged, silenced, and reset until the next event
  11. Is there a way to utilize the RTC to create a daily alarm clock function?
  12. Is it possible to supress the alarm green button if all is well and no alarm condition is present? (When the Alarm banner runs at full size, it minimizes to a small green button when no Alarms are active. When an Alarm becomes active, the banner resumes its full size)
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